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NPP as Ghana's Yajuj wa Majuju and the Brutal Collapse of Akufo Addo's Scam Projects

By Iddrisu Abdul Hakeem
NPP as Ghana's Yajuj wa Majuju and the Brutal Collapse of Akufo Addo's Scam Projects

In both Islamic and Christian eschatology, the Yajuju wa Majuju, or which equivalent in Christendom is known as Gog and Magog, are wild beings that have been prophesied to be unleashed upon the earth to cause havoc of enormous proportion to humanity as a sign that judgement day is around the corner.

In its Christian version, Gog are the people and Magog is their land and they shall be left loose upon Israel immediately after the return of Jesus Christ. The war that shall erupt as a result of the devastating attack by Gog and Magog, is what many believe to be Armageddon.

From both Christian and Islamic perspectives, Gog and Magog or Yajuju wa Majuju are evil forces very destructive by nature and shall tear humanity apart by devouring anything on their path.

For many Jewish scholars and Rabbi, the Nazis in Germany who nearly brought the Jewish people into extinction, were thought to be the emergence of Gog and Magog considering the holocaust they suffered in the hands of the Nazis. Six million Jews were gassed to death.

And when the Mongols also invaded the Abbasid Caliphate, in the Islamic Golden Age, in the 13th century, the mayhem, atrocities, horror, and terror committed on the Muslims were quite horrendous that, majority of Muslims thought the Mongols were Yajuju and Majuju and the world was coming to an end. Only that there was not the Messiah (or the Massihi, son of Mary Jesus the Christ) around yet.

Genghis Khan, the war lord of the Mongols, is said to have entered the grand Mosque of Bukhara with his horse. He mounted the pulpit and literally apologized to the congregants for his invasion of the Muslim territories because he had no intention expanding the Mongol empire. But “your God, Allah”, he told the Muslims, “has sent me as a punishment upon you because you have disobeyed Him.” Thereafter, he beheaded the entire congregation and almost the whole populace of the entire city of Bukhara including animals!

Fellow Ghanaians, come to think of it, has the New Patriotic Party been sent by God as a punishment upon us with their brutal attack on our collective resources – natural and human resources? What could have been our sin against God, and maybe, crime against humanity to deserve having the worst of thieves and complete criminals in our country’s history unleashed upon us by our Maker?

In his latest lamentations, former president John Dramani Mahama bemoaned the fact that despite the cesspool of economic cataclysm, apocalypse, and mess motivated by anti-christ and anti-people economic management style of the New Patriotic Party, NPP, are some Ghanaians really going to still vote for the NPP?

Now, this is the most emotional question our award-winning leader could put to the conscienceless among us who are beating the war drums for the continuation of the current battered economy by the batterers against all odds.

Where is the justice of Ghanaians?
Could this be our sin against God and crime against humanity in particular? Injustice, wilful ignorance and unintelligence enabling of evil, aiding and abetting corruption and oppression, launching a scathing attack on truth, and general surge in nauseating degree of moral deficiency. Many Ghanaians are simply complicit in Akufo Addo’s economic crimes and failure.

Both the Qur’an and the Bible advocate and preach justice and fairness, even if it’s against oneself. With the holy Qur’an or Bible on any believe’s palm, is it justice and fairness to allow Dr. Bawumia and the NPP to stay in power against their own standard of governance? No borrowing, no taxes, no corruption, incompetence etc. I doubt.a

It is impossible for Ghanaians to go against God in such a brazen manner. Because it’s a matter of justice to rely on the same standard used to unseat Mahama in 2016 presidential election, to remind Dr. Bawumia of what he said of the Mahama administration then. Maybe, Ghanaians are not unjust.

The idea of keeping the NPP in power simply goes beyond the principle of unfairness and injustice, it contradicts logic.

Is it therefore flabbergasting to any discerning Ghanaian when a latest research and findings by The Business Day classified Ghana as one of the ten countries with the lowest IQ (intelligent quotient) in the whole wide world?

Yes, despite all our professors, engineers, doctors, the clergymen, and very educated individuals. We have been categorized as a nation without or little cognitive abilities.

The Business Day’s findings rather resonated and coincided with the remarks of a certain parent who brought his ward to the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, KNUST and lamented how our educational system is churning out uneducated graduates!

Fellow Ghanaians, before we jump to the bastardization of these brutal revelations and findings and dismissing it with the disdain that it might deserve, let's come to think of it from our political perspective.

How can anyone possibly describe a Ghanaian who really wants the current government to continue in power in spite of the fact that, all that the Akudo Addo-led NPP accused the previous government of, has been worst off under their watch? How do you describe any Ghanaian that wants the NPP government to break the eight? A sinner?A thief? A gambler? A fool? A mad, unintelligent, unfair or unjust?

Maybe we can combine or do some permutation of some of these descriptions to dissect the mindsets of those who really think the NPP should continue in power into more nomenclature such as a sinful unintelligent thief, unjust thief, a sinful mad gambler, unintelligent sinner and gambler, a mad thief, unintelligent mad individual, a fool thief, a thieving gambler, a fool-mad-thief, etcetera-etcetera.

However the harsher these descriptions may sound, it is obvious that the NPP has been unleashed upon the country as a punishment, hence some of us unjust, unintelligent, and sinful or foolish desire to keep it in power.

If not a thief, or a sinful gambler who doesn’t toil for his earnings, why would any intelligent person want this big economic foul mess to continue?

One may not be faraway from the truth to say other factors are responsible for the lowest IQ nature of many Ghanaians which has accorded us this current bad accolade under our belt. Including wilful unintelligence and ignorance inspired by ethnic bigotry and unacceptable political jingoism.

Because where intelligence is taken into account and consideration, why would anybody want a political party to continue in power which in opposition said citizens were suffering because condoms and cutlasses were taxed, but eventually came to power and introduced more than seventeen different taxes including taxes like the E-levy which can best be described as state sponsored robbery?

In the words of the former Auditor General Ghana recently, Daniel Yaw Domlevo, the situation of Ghana goes beyond taxation. According to him, Ghana has moved from taxation to armed robbery.

If not a citizen with the lowest IQ, which intelligent citizen would want a political party that in opposition lambasted borrowing of 40 billion but came into office and borrowed 528 billion in less than two terms, to continue to stay in power?

By simple logic, isn’t the one who borrowed 40 billion better than the 528 billion borrower if the borrower of the latter accused the former borrower of too much borrowing? And why would any intelligent fellow still want the cutthroat borrower of 528 billion to continue in power?

According to the Fourth Estate, the worst Corruption Perception Index under President Mahama, is actually Akufo Addo’s best. The fight against corruption under President Akufo Addo has been a disservice to our nation, a mere lips service and no action because our Emperor himself has no clothes on! If 528 billion has been borrowed with nothing to show for it, most probably, more than an entire 40 billion has been stolen in corruption. Why would any intelligent support such merciless gangsterism?

What is the exchange rate today? Has the exchange rate not exposed the Akufo Addo economy because of the weakest fundamentals with thirteen cedis to one dollar (13:1)? Was the cedis not 3.5 to the one dollar? And why would any intelligent person still argues for the continuation of the NPP that took the cedi from 4 cedis against the dollar to over 20 cedis as at November 2022? Unprecedented in our history.

Fellow Ghanaians, how much is a gallon of petrol today and how much was it in 2016? Why would any intelligent person want that holy crap political party to stay in power?

If a bag of cement and maize and rise were 25 cedis, 60 cedis, and 90 cedis and were said to be exorbitant, yet the naysayers took over and increased the prices to 100 cedis, 600 cedis, and 1000 cedis respectively. How can anybody without cognitive challenges think that the political party which has increased the prices further is the better option?

One of the hilarious titles I stumbled upon on social media lately was that by a content creator who referred to Akon's daydream of an Akon City in Dakar Senegal as the "brutal collapse of Akon Scam City".

The former American popstar envisioned a Dubai-like city in Senegal along the coastal areas of Dakar by 2024 when it started few years ago. However, there was only a pillar for demarcation of land's territory in the whole of the envisioned land for the city after several years of its campaign.

The project flailed and failed spectacularly as a "scam city".

Fellow Ghanaians, this is the case of the latest what can actually be described as the “nonsense tracker” mistaken as performance tracker. It is another slogan fabricated as a scam tactics by the Akudo Addo government to hoodwink Ghanaians further.

What Ghanaians must pay attention to is the godforsaken amount of monies allocated to the trumpeting of those empty slogans. And as a citizen and not spectator, I challenge the Akufo Addo government to tell Ghanaians how much has been spent on this Adolf Hitler’s propagandist App called Performance Tracker. It would interest Ghanaians to realize the unforgivable amount of money spent on this Joseph Goebbels’ App.

But like the Akon Scam City, the fraudulent and kickbacks-induced projects with the funniest slogans by this government, have been brutally exposed by their own App. The question that is shouting for an answer which Ghanaians must be asking as they scroll through these hyperbolic photoshopped projects, “how did they cost?” And with what you see, do your own estimation in relation to the 528 billion amount of money borrowed, undisclosed or unclear revenue collected from criminal taxes, IMF two billion dollars freebies donated to Ghana as well as 30 billion domestically raised covid-19 funds as economic buffer during the pandemic of corona virus.

Fellow Ghanaians must then undergo a soul-searching introspection and question why all these monies could not salvage the economy which was ranked the worst in the world, second only to Sri Lanka, yet IMF loan of 600 million dollars has been claimed to turn the economy around? How come these billions could not make any impact in the economy but 600 million did?

The simple answer is that, those billions were never used in the economy. They were plundered and looted through shoddy and thieving projects and shared behind the back of the rest of us.

By the way, the Russian economy is growing faster than even the rest of European countries. Yes, despite sponsoring their own war. Despite having plenty of their cash frozen, and has been grappling with the 16 thousand sanctions the West has imposed upon the Russian federation.

Fellow Ghanaians, how come our economy collapsed like pack of cards because of Russia’s war on Ukraine despite these billions invested in it, and the fact that Ghana never contributed a bullet nor bomb in monetary terms to the war?

These billions could only be devoured by our own Yajuju and Majuju or Gog and Magog – the NPP.

Although the Mongols were deemed unconquerable with their massacre of the rest of humanity because of their Yajuju and Majuju tactics, it was the Mamluks God sent to defeat them at the battle called ain-jalut at the latter part of the 13th century.

The Nazis, too, whom some Jews referred to as the Gog and Magog, were defeated when the allies led by the United States pounced upon them with Russia conquering Berlin.

As for the real Gog and Magog, in Christian perspective, it is Jesus Christ who shall defeat them. But from Islamic perspective, humanity shan’t be able to fight Yajuju wa Majuju. So God Himself shall afflict them with a disease and the death of one person shall cause all to die.

Fellow Ghanaians, who would defeat our homegrown Yajuju and Majuju, our fourth Republic’s Gog and Magog – the NPP?

For me, just as the allies’ defeat of the Nazis as Gog and Magog to the Jews; just as the Mamluks’ defeat of the Mongols as Yajuju wa Majuju to the Muslims; In Sha Allah, former President John Dramani Mahama shall be Ghana’s allies; he shall be Ghana’s Mamluks.

John Dramani Mahama is our next president; he is the Jesus Christ and Saviour come December 7 against our national enemies, the Narcotics Peddlers Party: Ghana’s Gog and Magog and the most dangerous Yajuju wa Majuju of our time.

“It is a clarion call.”