GTA urge hoteliers, restaurants to prioritise indigenous Ghanaian diets

By Dennis Peprah || Contributor
Social News GTA urge hoteliers, restaurants to prioritise indigenous Ghanaian diets

The Ghana Tourism Authority (GTA) has urged hoteliers and restaurant operators in the country to prioritize serving indigenous Ghanaian food to promote the consumption of local diets.

Mrs. Folace Ofosuhene-Sintim, the Standard and Quality Assurance Officer at the Bono Regional Office of GTA, emphasized the nutritional value and cultural significance of indigenous Ghanaian cuisine. She expressed concern over the trend of Ghanaians favoring foreign foods over local dishes, which she referred to as "foreign junks."

Speaking at the Bono Regional launch of Feast Ghana, a culinary celebration in Sunyani under the theme "Flavours of Ghana: Celebrating Ghana's Cultural Diversity Through Food," Mrs. Ofosuhene-Sintim emphasized the need to highlight the diverse range of Ghanaian dishes.

She highlighted traditional Ghanaian meals such as "Etor," "Apramprasa," "Tuozaafi or Diehuo," "Mpotompoto," "Konkonte," "Nuhuu," "Yake Yake," "Akankyiee," and "Etew," urging hotels and restaurants to incorporate these into their menus.

Mrs. Ofosuhene-Sintim emphasized the importance of proper preparation, presentation, and promotion of local dishes to encourage patronage. She noted that many Ghanaians tend to rely on foreign foods due to the limited accessibility of well-prepared local meals.

Mr. Emmanuel Ansu, the Bono Regional Director of the Center for National Culture (CNC), echoed these sentiments, pointing out the link between unhealthy eating habits and the prevalence of non-communicable diseases. He stressed the importance of promoting healthier dietary choices to combat this trend.