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Sempe Akwashongtse, Teshie Leshie Mantse condemn killing of GaDangbe youth

By Faisal Mustapha || Contributor
Sempe Akwashongtse, Teshie Leshie Mantse condemn killing of GaDangbe youth

The Sempe Muslim Akwashongtse, Nii Adote Odaawulu I has expressed his displeasure over the shooting of two young men during the Tema Kpelodzoo festival at Tema New Town over the weekend.

Nii Adote Odaawulu I who said this on his Facebook wall revealed that it was with disbelief and disdain to watch the lifeless bodies of two young men who were shot dead.

According to him, under no circumstance should the people who were celebrating their annual festival be treated like common criminals.

"What happened to the use of minimum force that can be used to protect lives and properties," he stated.

He condemned the gruesome murder of the compatriots and called on the appropriate authorities especially the REGSEC and National Security to conduct an independent investigation into the sad incident to bring justice to the lives that have been lost.

In a related development, the Dzaasetse of Teshie Traditional Area and the Chief of Teshie Leshie, Nii Ashikwei Kwaobotswe IlI has described Friday, April 12, 2024 as 'Black Friday' and a day of shame for the armed mariners of Ghana and will go down in the history of Teshie Traditional Area.

He narrated that, on that fateful day the mariners opened fire into a jubilant crowd of young men and women who were celebrating their advertised annual Kpledzoo Festival.

He said two of the young men lost their lives while others sustained various degrees of injuries and are currently receiving medical treatment.

According to him, judging from the Press Release by the Military Authorities and that of the GaDangme Council as well as the statement by the Greater Accra Regional Minister designate, the Mariners overreacted by firing live bullets into a jubilant crowd of unarmed civilians.

He questioned why armed soldiers recklessly drove at top speed through a jubilant crowd on procession and fired live bullets into the unarmed crowd under the guise of self-defence.

He questioned if it was the best way to payback the people of Tema for sacrificing their land and cultural heritage for the construction of the Tema Harbour and the Eastern Naval Command without adequate compensation.

"And if l may ask, what is the justification of siting military installation in the midst of a populous city as Teshie and Tema?" he asked.

The Teshie leshie Mantse stated that it is high time all military barracks is relocated from the cities to the hinterland to ensure public safety and security.

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