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Regular eating of blackberries may boost brain health — Nutritionist advises

  Sun, 14 Apr 2024
Regular eating of blackberries may boost brain health — Nutritionist advises

Mr. Raphael Kwabena Angmortey, the Ada-East Nutrition Officer, has said regular eating of blackberries known in the Ga Language as “shɔŋ” may improve brain health and prevent memory loss caused by ageing.

Mr Angmortey told the Ghana News Agency (GNA) in an interview that the fruit contains antioxidants that protect cells from being damaged and advised the public to consume it when in season.

He added that the antioxidants help free radicals, which may help reduce brain inflammation, which can cause cognitive issues.

He said blackberries were incredibly delicious and make a wonderful snack, adding that they could be added to other meals, are naturally sweet, and require no additional sweetener.

The nutritionists said the fruits could also be given to babies after six months in the form of juice or added to their meals so they could get their needed growth.

Touching on the general benefits of blackberries, he said the fruit is loaded with beneficial vitamins, minerals, and magnesium and rich in fibre.

Mr. Angmortey explained that the vitamin C in the fruit helped in wound healing, reduced free radicals, and absorbed iron, adding that it also helped in the reduction of the formation of cancer-causing substances in the body.

“The vitamin C component of blackberries has antioxidant properties; what it does is limit the effect of free radicals in the body, and that's why we connect it to anti-ageing properties,” he said.

He explained that the fibre helps in managing blood sugar levels by slowing the rate of sugar absorption and makes one feel fuller for a longer time after eating, among others.

The nutritionist warned that a meal low in fibre could cause digestive problems like bloating and constipation and therefore urged people to take advantage of the fruit in its season.

He said the vitamin K it contains also helps blood clot, stressing that a deficiency in this vitamin results in blood thinning and heavy menstrual bleeding, and adding that the magnesium helps regulate blood levels.