KMA to impose new levies on Kejetia traders to tackle sanitation

Social News KMA to impose new levies on Kejetia traders to tackle sanitation

The Kumasi Metropolitan Assembly (KMA) is set to introduce new levies targeting individuals and businesses operating within the Central Business District (CBD), ModernGhana News has gathered.

Dubbed the "Special CBD Waste Management Support Fee," these levies aim to sustain the ongoing implementation of the Holistic Reinforcement for Sustainable Development (HORESD) project. The project, funded by the European Union with 2.5 million euros, includes enhancing sanitation conditions in Kumasi among its objectives.

The fees will vary based on the nature of the business or activity:

- Hawkers: GHs 2.00
- Stores/Shops: GHs 2.00
- Institutions: GHs 4
- Chop Bars: GHs 10
- Restaurants: GHs 3
- Coconut Sellers: GHs 10
- Financial Institutions: GHs 300 per month
These details were revealed during a sensitization workshop organized by the United Traders Forum, held last Tuesday at the Adum SSNIT conference hall. The event received financial backing from STAR GHANA.

Speaking at the workshop, Mr. Takyi Edward, a Senior Development Planning Officer at KMA, stated that authorities plan to engage traders in a dialogue this Friday. Additionally, they will launch an extensive public awareness campaign to highlight the benefits of paying these fees.

Mr. Edward emphasized the significant daily expenditure incurred by KMA for sanitation purposes under the HORESD project. Therefore, he urged individuals and institutions within the CBD to contribute to ensure the project's sustainability beyond its official closure.

Enock Akonnor
Enock Akonnor

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