Sun, 07 Apr 2024 Feature Article

Fruitfulness is the devastation of human growth

Fruitfulness is the devastation of human growth

"Be fruitful and multiply", God asked, and Adam and Eva obeyed his command like the generation that followed them till now.

Children were born out of a sexual desire, to build a legacy and the need for a social and caring system. The number of people grew in society and on earth at large further factors than survival set in. Collecting berries, and mushrooms, and hunting wildlife was replaced by more free time and mind. Jealousy set in to be better than the neighborhood.

As the number of humans grew so grew the interaction among them on a nearby or further away basis. Jealousy stimulated the spirit of comparison. Comparison created values and values structures of implementation. Soon these structures lead to hierarchical structures spiced with religious beliefs and the structures these beliefs created. The formation of Pharaohs, Kings, Emperors, religious leaders such as the Pope, and the structure of the Catholic church.

The moment people met more others in a closer territory nations emerged that needed borders and rules of living in the decided territory. Still, the fruitfulness of humans continued and expanded the numbers of humans on Earth and in countries. Hunger and famine, the lack of medication, and the presence of war did not stop the process.

Land for all became a problem. The human mind had to come up with a solution. Specialists were created to master the need for more and more needs to satisfy the growing population.

From humans living in caves and small villages to the Specialists in cities was not a long development. No longer was there enough space for all to farm their own land. As much as the Specialists in cities grew in numbers so in the countryside. Technology in rural settings made it possible for fewer people to feed more and more Specialists in the cities.

For the Specialists in the cities that were faced with increased city population, the pressure to come up with further solutions to feed the people in the cities mounted into the industrial and digital revolution.

The human race is doomed like a hamster in his wheel to accept that he is trapped in the spin of being fruitful and multiply. Birth control, and economic success which comes with a lower birth rate, wars, or famine, all will not bring an end to the human growth rate on Earth. China has ended the one-child policy seeing the political need for forward ever backward never.

In the developed world many intellectuals see the negative effects of human life of today. Romantic as they are they want to go back to the roots of human life, quit their jobs, and do organic farming in rural settings. They want to live away from the crowd in the tranquility of nature. If e.g. all 83 Mio. Germans would want to go back to their roots and accept a simple lifestyle they will not find enough space for farming in the country. Shopping Centers, Factories, Office Buildings, and Warehouses, etc. take so many landmasses away from potential farming that this idea is no longer feasible. Eighty-three million Germans can no longer sustain their lives by farming their own lands.

The number of humans on Earth can easily be extended with a honeybee mentality but space is as it was and always will be. How to manage these two pillars is what matters, for better or for worse.