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AY Poyoo And Portable: Two Mavericks Of A Kind

AY Poyoo And Portable: Two Mavericks Of A  Kind

AY Poyoo, a Ghanaian rapper, has surely made an eccentric impact on the music scene. His hit song “I’m the GOAT” propelled him to fame, and he quickly became an internet sensation in Ghana and across Africa. Just in his 20s, AY Poyoo combines humor with his musical talent, creating an inimitable blend that reverberates with audiences. Despite initial discouragement at the start of his career, he has emerged as a rising star, proudly claiming to be the “Greatest Of All Time” (GOAT). His avant-garde style and idiosyncratic panache have set him apart, making him a standout figure in Ghana’s rap landscape.

Having the understanding that Ghana and Nigeria are more often than not dragged into comparison as they remained brotherly and vibrant West African nations that share a complex and multifaceted relationship that has evolved over time, it is expedient to opine that AY Poyoo has his kind of person in Nigeria. His kind of person, no doubt, is Portable, whose real name is Habeeb Okikiola, a talented Nigerian singer, rapper, and songwriter. Born on March 12, 1994, in Abeokuta, Ogun State, Nigeria, he has made a significant impact in the music scene.

An overview of his career shows that Portable gained fame after contributing to the hit song “ZaZoo Zehh,” which featured Nigerian rapper Olamide and dancer Poco Lee.

During his early rise to stardom, he became known for calling out business partners on social media who had scammed him in various deals, including artist management.

At this juncture, it is expedient to confess that the inspiration to express this view came when this writer recently heard that AY Poyoo, has indeed relocated to Nigeria. I gathered that he was recently spotted in Lagos, along with his infamous pet goat. Not only that, AY Poyoo announced his arrival in Nigeria by sharing a photo of himself and the goat on Facebook. Many Netizens are curious about what’s in store for him as he searches for opportunities in Nigeria’s entertainment field that is unarguably saturated by musicians and comedians of diverse genre, and even Social Media Stars, who are also known as Internet celebrities.

Whereas some Netizens are somewhat worried about AY Poyoo’s chance of survival in Nigeria, this writer is not worried given the fact that he embodies the spirit of relentless hustle and determination. The reason for the foregoing cannot be farfetched as he has innovative approach. To buttress the foregoing view, it is germane to recall that he burst onto the entertainment scene with his unique style, blending humor, music, and creativity. His viral hit song “Goat” (also known as “Aponkye”) showcased his unconventional approach, and he fearlessly embraced the absurdity of it all. His willingness to stand out and take risks sets him apart.

Looking at his prospect in Nigeria from the perspective of his global recognition, it is expedient to say that despite starting locally, that his fame has transcended borders. His music has reached international audiences, and he collaborated with artists from different countries. For instance, the “Goat” remix features contributions from Big Xhosa (South Africa), Van Choga (Zimbabwe), and Show Yoh (Cameroon) This global reach demonstrates his ambition and adaptability, and thus he will no doubt find his bearings in Nigeria’s entertainment sector.

Besides the foregoing, AY Poyoo is resilient enough, and wears a thick skin that he can face criticism and skepticism, and he has exhibited the foregoing qualities when he first emerged. Rather than being cowered by critics, he persisted, creating more content, collaborating, and evolving. His resilience in the face of adversity is a testament to his determination.

You may also want to know how business Savvy he is. To respond to the foregoing, it is germane to opine that beyond music that AY Poyoo knows how to leverage his brand, particularly as he has over the years been capitalizing on merchandise, social media, and endorsements. In fact, his entrepreneurial mindset has allowed him to turn his internet fame into tangible opportunities.

The question of how authentic he is also need to be answered in this context by saying that AY Poyoo stays true to himself. He does not conform to industry norms or compromise his identity. His authenticity resonates with fans who appreciate genuine artistry.

In Nigeria, his meteoric strides since relocating have impressed fans and followers, and it was even gathered that he signed a new deal in Nigeria with his goat by his side. It seems that AY Poyoo has found a new home in Nigeria, and his unique style continues to captivate audiences across borders!

Not only is he resilient and wears a thick skin, when I first learnt that he is in Nigeria, I said, “Ehen, he has his kind in Nigeria in the person of Portable”.

The reason for seeing him and Portable as two of a kind in this context cannot be farfetched as both of them share some remarkable similarities that make them two of a kind in the music world.

For instance, both artists embrace unconventional styles that defy traditional norms. AY Poyoo’s humorous and satirical approach, coupled with his self-proclaimed “GOAT” status, sets him apart. Portable, too, has a unique style that blends street vibes with catchy melodies. One of his catchy lyrics is “I Am Baboon, I stay in the Zoo”.

In a similar vein, AY Poyoo gained fame through social media platforms, especially YouTube. His viral videos and quirky persona quickly captured the attention of music enthusiasts. Similarly, Portable’s street credibility and online presence have contributed to his popularity.

Not only the foregoing, both artists are young and full of energy. AY Poyoo, just in his twenties, exudes youthful exuberance in his performances. Portable, too, brings a fresh vibe to the Nigerian music scene with his energetic youthfulness.

Still in the same comparative vein, AY Poyoo’s lyrics often blend humor, braggadocio, and wordplay. His ability to turn everyday phrases into catchy hooks resonates with fans. Portable, likewise, weaves clever wordplay and slang into his songs.

Another quality which they share is unarguably self-confidence as both artists exude confidence. AY Poyoo boldly claims to be the GOAT, while Portable asserts his dominance in the streets. Their unwavering self-belief fuels their music.

Another character which share together is their ability to bend Genre. For instance, AY Poyoo dabbles in various genres, from rap to afrobeats, and even experiments with unconventional sounds. Portable, too, blends elements of street-hop, Fuji, and afrobeats seamlessly.

In summary, AY Poyoo and Portable share a penchant for breaking boundaries, entertaining their audiences, and leaving a lasting impression. Their unapologetic authenticity makes them true mavericks in the African music scene!