I Can Understand Ken Agyapong's Frustration, He Warned The NPP Government About The Risks Of An Economic Collapse

Feature Article I Can Understand Ken Agyapong's Frustration, He Warned The NPP Government About The Risks Of An Economic Collapse
APR 3, 2024 LISTEN

I have written extensively about Kennedy Agyapong, and I frequently wonder why, for such a bright man, he ruined his life with so many related crimes, depriving him of the greatest chance to serve his country in a way that would have benefited the populace. Considering his quick temper and lack of self-control when attacking others, he has his enemies. However, I will bring out the efforts and cautions this man sent to Akufo Addo and the NPP government to save the economy, which was ignored.

Kennedy Agyapong is one of the thousands of Ghanaians who know that the government is lying about its claims to the people that the collapse of the economy, businesses, and investments was caused by COVID-19 and the Russia-Ukraine war. However, widespread corruption, indifference, incompetence, and money laundering are some of the factors that took a heavy toll on the country and caused its infrastructure to collapse quickly, leading to an unprecedentedly high unemployment rate.

Greed breeds corruption, and many politicians in Ghana have an insatiable taste for corruption. They don't give a damn if people are in poverty if there are no jobs, if hospitals don't have access to modern healthcare, or if schools don't have improved facilities with comfortable chairs and tables. Since Akufo Addo failed to combat corruption despite his commitments made before becoming president, both dead and alive NPP politicians accumulated fortune with impunity to devastate the nation.

Rather than addressing the pervasive corruption that is negatively impacting Ghana's economy, businesses, and investments, Akufo Addo opted to impose additional taxes and unnecessarily raise import and export duties to fill the enormous hole left by the corruption. The imposition of high levies had a significant impact on domestic and foreign business owners, leading to a rapid spike in commodity prices and the collapse of businesses, particularly following the parliamentary passage of the E-Levy bill.

Agyapong is a businessman who was vehemently critical of the exorbitant cost of customs fees at the ports. He told the NPP administration that "high duties make things very tough in Ghana." "High duties in Ghana today are eroding the fortunes of the NPP government," he emphasized once again. This ought to have served as a warning to his government, but instead of taking it seriously, they chose to hate Agyapong and dismiss the possible harm that their corruption and selfishness would bring to Ghana.

In his efforts to bring awareness to the administration, Ken Agyapong may have unintentionally or purposefully revealed Akufo Addo as the source of the corruption impeding investments and operations at the ports. He claims that the reason he went to the Ghana Revenue Authority was that they were authorized by the government to collect 39 billion GHC annually. It does not follow that they must increase their CTN rates, even if the government had issued them such an order.

I have demonstrated time and time again that Agyapong is more knowledgeable about both internal and foreign affairs than most NPP politicians, including the president. Ken Agyapong was the only politician in Ghana to corroborate what I had written concerning the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund's involvement in the purposeful destabilization of the economies of African countries, including Ghana. On December 23, 2019, I posted an article titled "Corrupt IMF And World Bank? - Ken Agyapong Confirms The Truth About An Article I wrote," for which I gave him credit.

Agyapong is right when he accuses the NPP government, or Akufo Addo, and Bawumia of damaging Ghana and the economy, hence, it is blatant hypocrisy for anyone to discredit him and label him a traitor. People hate the truth, but that won't stop those who wish to educate Ghanaians about the factors that led to the downfall of their great country, which, despite formerly being the second-most cocoa-producing nation in Africa, is now importing cocoa from elsewhere.

On social media, there is a trending video about a man who said that he gave Kalypo to Nana Addo, and he confirmed that as he speaks, Akufo Addo had collapsed the Kalypo factory. This exposes the government's incompetence, but they hate anyone who questions it. No amount of hatred for anyone in Ghana can prevent me from writing or altering my writing style; after all, even if I reside in Belgium, my readers are aware that I have frequently criticized both the US and Belgian administrations.

I do not view Kennedy Agyapong as a traitor or betrayer who is out to ruin people or the party, considering that everything he has said about Bawumia is true. The vice president is a quack economist, much like the president is a fake lawyer. Not only does Bawumia lie, but he is also an incompetent economic wrecker who has stolen almost all the policies of John Mahama since he has nothing to offer to Ghanaians in his entire time of being vice president, so there is no sense in becoming president.