Jirapa MP provides 17 boreholes for his constituents

By Ayisah Foster || Contributor
Regional News Jirapa MP provides 17 boreholes for his constituents
APR 2, 2024 LISTEN

Residents of Jirapa, Nyenvaare, and 15 other communities within the Jirapa constituency of the Upper West Region are now enjoying access to clean and portable water, thanks to the efforts of their Member of Parliament, Hon. Cletus Seidu Dapilah.

Recognizing the health risks posed by drinking water from unclean sources, Hon. Dapilah took action to address the issue by overseeing the drilling of 17 boreholes across the communities.

Previously, residents had to endure long queues at the existing boreholes or travel considerable distances to fetch water from unreliable sources due to the high demand.

Communities such as Nyeni, Da-Uri, Zaghe, Yebile, Katang, Oing-wanware, Kenee, Tuopare, Ul-Kpong, Wuoyiri, Kompore, Jefiri, Nachenyiri, Kur-Ora, Nambeg, and Yagha-Gbaan also benefited from this water project.

During the borehole drilling, Hon. Cletus Seidu Dapilah, accompanied by NDC constituency executives, emphasized the importance of providing clean water to the residents. He pledged to continue this initiative by drilling more boreholes in the future.

Funded through his portion of the District Assembly Common Fund, Hon. Dapilah assured the residents of his unwavering commitment to their well-being and promised to implement further projects to improve their lives.

At the handing-over ceremony held in Nyenvaare, residents expressed their gratitude to the MP for providing them with access to clean drinking water. They praised his dedication and commitment to enhancing the lives of constituents across the constituency.

The provision of mechanized boreholes is expected to ease access to safe drinking water and have a lasting impact on the communities. Residents acknowledged that Hon. Dapilah's leadership and ongoing support through various projects in the constituency are invaluable and will benefit current and future generations.

They emphasized that these boreholes are not only beneficial for the present but will also serve as a legacy for generations to come, ensuring access to clean water remains a priority in the constituency.