Alhaji Fuseini Musah dredges Gavulga-Kakpagyili Dam in Tamale South

By Abdulai Abdul Razak II Contributor
Regional News Alhaji Fuseini Musah dredges Gavulga-Kakpagyili Dam in Tamale South
APR 1, 2024 LISTEN

Alhaji Fuseini Musah (popularly known as Fuzzy), the NPP Parliamentary candidate for Tamale South Constituency, initiated the dredging of the Gavulga-KaKpagyili dam on Friday, March 29, 2024, marking a significant step towards addressing water scarcity in the area.

Accompanied by the NPP Constituency Executives, Alhaji Fuseini Musah visited the community of Gavulga as part of his broader agenda to improve access to water for residents and neighboring communities.

Water scarcity has long plagued the community of Gavulga-Kakpagyili, particularly during the dry season when the dam dries up, causing hardships for women and children. The commencement of the dredging process is a welcome relief for the community.

The Chief of Gavulga expressed gratitude for the intervention, acknowledging the significant impact it would have on the community's water accessibility. The Assemblyman of the area also attended the event, showing support for the initiative.

Residents of the area expressed joy and appreciation for Alhaji Fuseini Musah's timely intervention, recognizing it as a solution to their water shortage challenges.

In his remarks, Alhaji Fuseini Musah called on the community to rally behind him and support the completion of the dredging process. He emphasized the importance of water as a basic necessity and pledged to continue working towards addressing the needs of the constituents if elected as their Member of Parliament for Tamale South Constituency.

The dredging of the Gavulga-KaKpagyili dam is just one of the many projects planned to improve the quality of life for residents, highlighting Alhaji Fuseini Musah's commitment to addressing pressing issues in the constituency.