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The systematic economic mistake of African countries

The systematic economic mistake of African countries
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Employees or civil servants do not create jobs. Self-employed citizens on the other hand do. Jobs are essential to give individuals a sense of pride, the economy's much-needed innovative spirit, and global competitiveness, and nations' tax revenues to foster an inclusive society for most to progress in all walks of life. Entrepreneurs should be raised and promoted above other people needed for a society that see themselves as responsible contributors to the overall welfare of the nation.

In economic and politically settled countries like e.g. Germany, Switzerland, Austria, and Sweden citizens are no longer having empty stomachs or fears when out of a job to be out of life by starvation. Greeks saw the negative effects of corruption and a failed taxation and economic structure years back with citizens massively on the public payrolls.

Across Africa, people with empty stomachs led by many corrupt leaders with no vision of a glorious Africa being servants to the white man and their Swiss bank accounts see the phenomena of hungry and insecure people running to the state for answers. And the states fail them.

Johannesburg in South Africa is labeled "The murder city" as the crime rate in the country is increasingly high. Whites give up their business and via Malta, EU citizenship enter a new future in Europe. 60% unemployment rate of the under 25 years old youth and 45% overall unemployment rate with no significant social protection leaves many people hopeless and stranded.

Germany after World War II was down on its knees in all aspects of life. But...Germans had hope. They did not know how to progress but they pulled up their sleeves and created 15 years later the famous Wirtschaftswunder. Hope was the essential ingredient and base flanked by political, economic, social, and cultural instruments to make it to the leading nation in the European Union and the number 4 in the world.

South Africa's initiative to give back property and lands into the hands of the black majority has visibly failed. So in the rest of Africa with Namibia and Botswana being remarkable exceptions. Robert Mugabe in Zimbabwe had led the bread basket of Africa out of business.

Besides the need to see entrepreneurs as the heroes of a nation with the best possible intentions for their neighbors, a country must provide the needed foundations not only helping with loan facilities but also the overall package of training for entrepreneurial skills and space given for innovation. As failure is part of the process this must be addressed equally to find a positive outcome for the dynamic process.

African countries overall do not see this vital role as a part of responsible leadership. Rather they allow to see citizens looking for shelter under their state umbrellas with massive numbers of ghost names on the public payrolls. As foreign aid comes with a heavy political and economic price tag migration is a sign of resignation and e.g. the upcoming racial clashes in South Africa a movement across the rest of the African continent will trigger in Africans to see the past in a different light and asking serious questions for a better future.

Africa does not need the rest of the world but the rest of the world needs Africa. Africa: prove yourself and make God proud at this time of Easter!