National Service Personnel In Ghana Left Starving As Secretariat Witholds Five Months Of Pay

By Stephen Boakye
Press Release National Service Personnel In Ghana Left Starving As Secretariat Witholds Five Months Of Pay
MAR 16, 2024 LISTEN

In a nation where the promise of a brighter future is held high, the reality for many young graduates serving their mandated national service is a stark contrast. For five agonizing months, National Service personnel across various institutions in Ghana have been left unpaid, struggling to make ends meet as they fulfill their duties to the nation.

Led by Mr. Osei Assibey, the National Service Secretariat has callously disregarded the well-being of these dedicated individuals, denying them the basic dignity of timely payment for their services. As the months pass by, the morale of these young men and women, who only recently completed their tertiary education, is plummeting to unprecedented lows.

How is it that permanent workers receive their rightful wages while those serving their country for a mere year are left to suffer in silence? This is the burning question on the lips of every aggrieved National Service personnel, as they grapple with the injustice of being deprived of their hard-earned allowances.

Shockingly, it is alleged that Mr. Osei Assibey and his staff have callously diverted the five months' worth of allowances, totaling over Ghc463,333,500, into treasury bills in pursuit of personal gain according to GhanaToday. While they sit comfortably, enjoying the fruits of the labor of these young individuals, the National Service personnel are left to fend for themselves, facing hunger and hardship on a daily basis.

The situation has reached a breaking point, as the passion and dedication once displayed by these young graduates have been replaced by disillusionment and despair. How can they be expected to give their best when their most basic needs are being neglected?

In a desperate plea for justice, the aggrieved coalition of National Service personnel from various districts in Ghana, speaking anonymously for fear of reprisal, is calling upon the Parliament of Ghana to take swift and decisive action. We demand that Mr. Osei Assibey be summoned before Parliament to provide a satisfactory explanation for his blatant disregard for the welfare of National Service personnel.

The director lied the last time he was been summoned that, we the national service personnel do not submit our forms early which was not true. Infact the day he said that the secretariat had not even released the forms. We have no submitted the forms about one month ago and still the allowance has not come.

It is time for accountability. It is time for justice. The National Service personnel of Ghana refuse to be silenced any longer. We demand what is rightfully ours – our five months' worth of allowances, and the respect and dignity that we deserve.

As this plea resonates across the nation, let it serve as a reminder that the voices of the marginalized and oppressed will not be silenced. The time for action is now. This is just the beginning. 

The Aggrieved Coalition of National Service Personnel

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