This You Must Know that; Ghana: Is A Nation In Decay

By Ghana Diaspora Youth Movement (Ghadym)
Commentary This You Must Know that; Ghana:  Is A Nation In Decay
MAR 13, 2024 LISTEN

Ghana, once the look up to nation on Africa's continent is in decay. To talk of Ghana's decay, it is pointless to mention just its leaders but its people by their leadership, are equally suffering from an irrepairable moral decay that threatens its very identity.

Ghanaian politics has become a clatter of empty and pointless words that are not just utterly detached from reality but also caused many who do not belong in leadership to be leading while people with leadership abilities are pushed to the background to lick boots.

Yes, Ghana is dying. And worse of all, its people have accepted its demise, and its politicians have turned its funeral into a feast of greed, loot and plunder among empty barrel noises that have them fighting each other with empty words.

Ghana has grown accustomed to words and terms like corruption, left to rot and ruined infrustructure, collapse, void, obstruction, sold port, world bank, IMF, shameless looting of funds, subsidies, lifting subsidies, capital control, media sensorship, silencing of them that speak up, intimidation, criminalising truth, polarised Systems, politics of fear, thievery, entitlements to stealing, constitutional entitlements, power outages, filth, lack of clean water, galamsey mafia governments, chiefs and elders, chinese galamsey gangsters, power rationing, total darkness, demarcation of maritime borders, deforestation, polution of water bodies and soil, normalisation of corruption, education in disarray, non-existent health, oil and gas fields that are on Ghanas soil but are foreign owned, land grabbing by governments, oppression of the vulnerable and the poor, stealing of Land by government and the 1% ruling class, elections of them that has no clue as to what needs to be done but what they can get for themselves and the list goes on...

As debate shifts, the Ghanaian get introduced to a new lexicon which includes words like, administrative, financial decentralisation, self-security, division on tribal grounds has helped political parties to gain roots, that has caused the countries utter polarisaition that has plunged it into the mess it finds itself in.....yet, even worse, we now see a rise in tribalism within parties being deployed to gain even more roots as clans identify with each other out of fear of losing out.

People seeking power hurl these words in their political spats and think that they will make impact. Yes they do, because the politics we know, has taught the Ghanaian to not think beyond the spoken words of the moment — but come to think of it, these words are always soon forgotten, only to be replaced by new words which will also disappear.

They disappear without leaving an echo in the ears of those who came up with them and used them, nor in those who heard them.

No one cares about what words are spoken or who spew them, Why? Because there are only two main sides. Each are careful to know which levels to take what is spoken or done.

The Ghanaian people no longer want to know what politicians are squabbling over.

Today, we can say that Ghana is no longer a society or a state that is Sovereign. Ghanas press is no longer a press that informs the people, but act as institutions for furthering the agenda of the political parties that own them. It is a set of hollow, fetishistic system, plagued by noise. Noise so loud it punches holes in the eardrums of those who try to add meaning to everything that is happening in all areas of Ghana's life. What about instead of Ghanaians following politics that is only a clatter of empty and pointless words, they began demanding accountability in its real sense? How about demanding a change in governing system for a move away from this collapsing American governing system that has ruined the country and robbed it of everything from natural resources to human resources?

How about demanding the education system be made autonomous from the government so as to bring an end to governments changing the school system every eight years just to add some badges to their arms?

Their promises during campaigns are utterly detached from reality and the country is being choked by these hollow and vague promises which of course have no blue prints to them but huge volumes of english vocalbulary, even the generation of the time does not have enough education to understand.

Ghanaians must stand up or sooner than later, there is not going to be a country to call a home.

This is the Diaspora Lens
By Ghana Diaspora Youth Movement, Germany
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