‘After wasting the money, you go begging countries that have legalised LGBTQ’ — A Plus blast gov’t

Headlines Kwame Asare Obeng, known well as A Plus
MAR 5, 2024 LISTEN
Kwame Asare Obeng, known well as A Plus

Ghanaian social critic and singer, Kwame Asare Obeng, known well as A Plus has opined on the ongoing impasse regarding the newly passed anti-gay bill.

The bill known as the “Properly Human Rights and Ghanaian Family Values,” was unanimously passed by Parliament on February 28, and it's currently awaiting Presidential assent.

It has, however been met with several resistance —both home and abroad as many warn the bill breaches human rights and may also incur some economic losses if signed.

According to A Plus, the conversation regarding economic sanctions wouldn't have been a concern if the leaders hadn't squandered all the country’s resources.

According to him, the country now has no choice but to accept the LGBTQ practice since it has decided to always borrow money from countries that have legalized it.

Read the full Facebook post by A Plus on Tuesday, March 5:

If you sign the anti-LGBT law your economy will collapse. If you don't sign you'll lose election. What if we sign and also "sign" that we will use common sense to run our economy.

You have oil but you don't have oil. You have gold but you don't have gold. You have cocoa but you don't have cocoa. One person has million hidden under her bed. (Borla mpo nie na finance) You import onion from Niger.

You spend over 12 million dollars on some useless Agyapa deal and spend millions digging a hole that you are going to build onye cathedral. After wasting all the money, you go begging countries that have legalised same sex for money. If you talk pɛ your fellow country people will insult you depending on which party is in power. Ɔmo se mondi mo trumu a moosu! Mo pɛ ooo, mompɛ ooo, mobedi mo trumu by force! Mboa!!

Meanwhile, President Nana Akufo-Addo has decided to suspend the signing of the controversial anti-LGBTQ bill, citing a pending Supreme Court suit challenge to the bill's constitutionality.


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