04.03.2024 Feature Article

Has the end of democracy come?

Has the end of democracy come?
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At the end of WWII Europe and most of the rest of the world had seen the dominance of a two-political party system. In underdeveloped countries like Africa, this is still the prominent political system.

In the developed world and older democracies, Special Interest Parties are on the move or already represented in parliaments. People's Parties find it more difficult in our diverse, complex, and globalized world to find solutions to today's challenges. Fifteen political parties were represented in the Reichstag (parliament) of the Weimar Republic before Adolf Hitler established his Third Reich.

The results of development are the demand for more political participation and the consequences of individualism. The complexity of the world we live in today accelerates this process only temporarily oppressed by old, religious, or new political elites. These elites build a defense force in various forms to delay the process of decay and final breakdown. What is meant to happen will sooner or later come to pass.

Individualism demands of rulers and politicians in power or in waiting to listen to the voices of voters more closely or lose out. Their often-used term "mob" to discredit voters deciding in bars over Ale and Lager in cigarette smoke covered over the future of the world has seen a significant shift due to modern technology and social media. People in the developed world tend to live secluded in their own world from the comfort of their homes. This opens up the opportunity for very active and flexible rat catchers walking through cities and towns to play their flutes and gather followers behind them.

The old established People's Parties disconnected from the majority of the voters caught up in their party and programmatic structure have increasing problems pleasing voters and not making them run away. Exotic political parties find their way onto the ballot sheets up and down the country. Most of them are butterflies today and dust tomorrow.

The trend in the developed and underdeveloped world is clear. While People's Parties must share voters' preferences with Special Interest Parties to see one party ruling as more difficult to achieve. Coalition governments will be the consequences of this trend. Coalition governments are constantly lame and slow-moving like snails missing out on people's demands as much as seeing voters' disappointments in the coalition and their included parties. They are the worst possible scenarios.

When the trend that can be clearly observed increases People's Parties will be pushed further aside and the system, foundation of, and hopes in democracy will be overturned through itself.