03.03.2024 General News

Amenfi West: Graduates Joining Pepper and Tomato Selling Business: A Tale of Struggle in Samreboi

By Prince Ayerakwa II Contributor
Amenfi West: Graduates Joining Pepper and Tomato Selling Business: A Tale of Struggle in Samreboi
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In the heart of Samreboi, within the communities of Bekwai, Tigarikrom, and Aboi Fie, a compelling narrative unfolds as Hon. Ignatius Kwasi Afrifa, the NPP Parliamentary Candidate for the 2024 election, delves into the challenges faced by the market women of Amenfi West.

The spotlight shines on the unexpected yet prevalent phenomenon of graduates pivoting towards traditional pepper and tomato selling businesses, intertwining aspirations, struggles, and resilience.

Concerns Raised by Market Women
During the recent visit by Hon. Afrifa, on Saturday, 2nd March 2024, market women voiced their discontent about the destiny of their educated children. Despite investing in their tertiary education and witnessing them navigate through academic hurdles, the harsh reality becomes apparent as these graduates find themselves joining the ranks of their parents in pepper-selling ventures.

Personal Anecdotes Reflecting a Greater Issue

A poignant personal story shared during the discourse encapsulated the frustration and dilemma faced by a mother who, despite providing her children with higher education, saw them grappling with unemployment and eventually resorting to the family trade of pepper-selling. This narrative raises profound questions about the efficacy of investing in education without concurrent employment opportunities for graduates.

Solutions Offered by Hon. Kwasi Afrifa

In response to these pressing concerns, Hon. Afrifa outlined his vision to tackle the employment crisis among the youth in Amenfi West. He expressed plans to steer Wassa youth towards mainstream job opportunities while fostering self-help initiatives. Notably, he emphasized the potential of agribusiness investments and the establishment of a local factory to harness resources like cocoa husk and revamp traditional products such as the renowned amonkyi (black soap) in the region.

The convergence of education, traditional livelihoods, and economic revitalization in Amenfi West paints a narrative of resilience, adaptation, and the quest for sustainable solutions in the face of changing realities. The commitment of leaders like Hon. Afrifa towards empowering the youth and reshaping local economies signifies a transformative journey towards bridging the gap between education and practical employment opportunities in Samreboi.