03.03.2024 Feature Article

If Central Regional law enforcement heads fear a landguard because he has powerful backers are we not a failed state?

If Central Regional law enforcement heads fear a landguard because he has powerful backers are we not a failed state?
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Dear critical-reader, yesterday, I witnessed human misery (of the man's inhumanity to fellow humans category, of crimes against humanity), on a scale comparable only to the suffering of innocents caused by wars, which I never thought I'd see in a civilised African country, such as my native Ghana, in parts of what used to be the Gomoa Buduburam refugee settlement area, in our beautiful and bountiful Central Region.

The harrowing scenes I saw, as a long-boomed excavator went about relentlessly demolishing structures inhabited by poor people who can't afford to live anywhere else, because they are dirt-poor, will live with me till the day I finally pass away. Tragic. Perfidious. Unacceptable. Unpardonable.

The demolishing is enveloped in a miasma of carcinogenic dust-laden air, which is probably full of a combination of toxic particles, including asbestos. Nothing can justify what has occurred - and no one should do so. Yes, there are criminals there. And, yes, they have been given several notices to leave, but have failed to do so.

However, what matters now, is that a humanitarian disaster has occurred - and the Central Regional National Disaster Management Organisation (NADMO), ought to step in and assist those whose homes have been demolished, and need their help, on a purely humanitarian basis. Nothing more, nothing less. That is the issue of most concern, in all this unfolding almighty kerfuffle, dear critical-reader. Full stop.

That said, according to bush telegraph sources, the individual allegedly behind what (judged by the havoc it has wrought on the lives of those whose homes have been demolished and now live and sleep in the open), is a heinous crime against humanity inflicted so mercilessly, on a marginalised and vulnerable demographic, in what is a high-energy melting pot community that includes both foreign nationals and Ghanaians, is allegedly a notorious landguard, who, according to the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP) parliamentarian, who stood in the primaries to select that party's presidential candidate for this year's presidential election and came second to the winner Vice President Bawumia, Hon. Kennedy Adjapong, no less, is apparently feared by even the heads of the Central Region's law enforcement agencies. Amazing.

If that is true, then by inference, is that vile character not a politically well-connected super-ruthless violent criminal-type (who allegedly masquerades as a landguard), feared concomitantly by both the Gomoa East District Security Council, and the apex Central Regional Security Council, and thus is an untouchable person who can get away with all manner of crimes, in what is supposed to be a democracy bedrocked on the rule of law, I ask, dear critical-reader?

If that is case, then whenever he is alleged to have committed crimes, shouldn't the military be ordered to arrest him, investigate him, hold him in their custody until judgement is delivered in the matter - regardless of how long that takes? Haaba. Simple.

And, in light of all the above, does it not also follow, a priori, therefore, that Ghana is a failed state akin to a banana Republic, in which the law of- the jungle rules OK, and is thus a nation in which no one is really safe?

We did not elect the NPP to power to create such a situation in which criminal-types are untouchable jackbooted-menaces, who can kill in order to dispossess law abiding folk of their lands, and, can also get away scot free, with the ongoing Camp Liberia demolition's heinous crime against humanity, ooooo, Ghanafuor. Yooooooooo...

Furthermore, dear critical-reader, as the December presidential and parliamentary elections approach, the question that a wise and aspirational African people ought to ask themselves is: If Central Regional law enforcement heads fear a landguard because he has powerful backers are we not a failed state, anaaaa?

Finally, dear critical-reader, if our Republic is a failed state, in all but name, then is the ruling party's candidate, Vice President Bawumia, who allegedly protects such a potential future warlord (busy committing crimes against humanity), not really unfit to lead our beloved homeland Ghana - especially when he is part of that selfsame self-seeking leadership of ours that has bankrupted our benighted country, Nkrumah's Ghana, because they recklessly piled up a high interest foreign currency based debt mountain, to enrich themselves (and their nepotistic state-capture rent seeking family and friends allies), with arms-length earned commissions and professional fees, at the expense of hapless taxpayers, to send their individual net worth to stratospheric heights, at society's expense?

Clearly, if even the Central Regional law enforcement heads fear an alleged super-ruthless landguard, because he has powerful backers in the ruling party, then we are definitely failed African state in all but name: and, for that reason, must vote the ruling party that got us into this mess in the first place, out of power in December. Simple. Full stop. Case closed. A word to the wise. Yoooooooo...