Calling Out Jewish-Supremacist Oppression of Palestinians Is Not Antisemitism, Mr. Dershowitz!

Feature Article Calling Out Jewish-Supremacist Oppression of Palestinians Is Not Antisemitism, Mr. Dershowitz!
MAR 2, 2024 LISTEN

Harvard University Law School Professor Emeritus Alan Dershowitz cannot be taken even half seriously, when the renowned Polish American ethnic Jew intemperately accuses former President Barack Hussein Obama of being a man with “deep hatred of Israel” (See “Alan Dershowitz Calls Out Obama’s ‘Deep Hatred of Israel’: He Should Be Ashamed’” FOX Business 11/10/23). Professor Dershowitz knows perfectly well that it is rather the Post-1948 Zionist State of Israel, rather, whose leadership has a visceral and an inveterate hatred for Africans and African-Descended People all over the world. For decades prior to the release of Mr. Nelson R. Mandela, the global icon of Postcolonial African Emancipation, from a life prison sentence on Robben Island, off the Coast of Cape Town, South Africa, in 1990, the Israeli Government was a major arms supplier to the White-Racist Apartheid Regime of South Africa.

During all those decades, the Aryan-Supremacist West NATO Countries staunchly backed the Boer-Afrikaner “Nationalist” Butchers of Apartheid South Africa with a military force the might and the likes of which the world had neither seen nor witnessed before the period being discursively spotlighted here. So, really, if anybody ought to be calling another a “deep” or a “visceral” hater of any group or nationality of humans, it is rather the former President who ought to be doing so, and not the man who has pretended for as long as any of us can remember that, somehow, Jews and Israelis are endowed with some inalienable and superior human rights that make them sacrosanct and untouchable, rights that are well over and above the rights of the rest of global humanity.

Now, isn’t it also rather strange that nearly every globally renowned African leader, including the late Archbishop Desmond Tutu of South Africa (and Yours Truly’s Asante-Descended Uncle), Mr. Kofi Annan, the Ghanaian-born late former United Nations’ Secretary-General and, yes, even the immortalized President Nelson Mandela, has come under caustic castigation for solemnly pleading for the human rights of the geographically and the geopolitically Arab indigenes of Palestine and Present-Day Israel to be staunchly and jealously protected and respected in much the same manner that the human rights and the dignity of the victims of the Nazi Holocaust and their children and grandchildren have been recognized, respected and championed all over the world?

It is not clear to many of us among those who really care about the human rights of global humanity, without exceptions, what Professor Dershowitz and those who think like the latter are looking to gain from the sort of religious and racial baiting that they seem to be dastardly and venomously hellbent on tagging one of the most intellectually and politically evenhanded of the Post-Civil Rights and Post-Segregation America. And by the way, it is downright absurd and morally blasphemous for the renowned Harvard Law School Professor to virulently accuse President Obama of harboring an “Anti-American Attitude,” when the stark and the uncontestable and the unignorable historical reality is that the seminal foundations of the United States of America and the rest of the Americas, to be certain and, indeed, the entirety of Contemporary European and Western Civilization were literally built on the blood, sweat and toil of Continental Africans, first and foremost, and, subsequently, the so-called Afroasiatic peoples.

We must also, while we are still on this subject, significantly underscore the inescapable historical fact that being “Anti-Israel” is absolutely in no way, shape or form synonymous with being “Anti-American,” in the psychologically and the strategically disingenuous manner that Professor Dershowitz would have the rest of us, global humanity, believe. Neither is being maliciously tagged as an “Antisemite” necessarily synonymous with being loathe to the Post-1948 Israeli Apartheid Regime which, unfortunately, has become nauseatingly all too familiar with even the average American high school student or pupil.

If, indeed, the unabashedly Zionist Professor Dershowitz is genuinely and fully convinced that President Obama is both “Anti-Israel” and “Antisemitic,” by all means, let the nationally renowned legal scholar and novelist explain to the rest of the International Community precisely what Neo-Nazi or “Antisemitic” and “Anti-Israel” crimes it was/they were that the presently 90-and-odd-year-old Rev. Andrew Young committed against Professor Dershowitz and the rest of his kinsmen and clanswomen to be so rudely and ignominiously jackbooted, Apartheid Afrikaner fashion, by then President James “Jimmy” Carter, as the extant United States’ Ambassador to the United Nations? You see, it was absolutely not for nothing that our sages of yore always counseled that denizens of glass houses ought to be extremely cautious not to irresponsibly or recklessly make a habit or hobby of throwing stones.

He may not really want to hear this, but the readily verifiable fact of the matter is that not many African American or African-Descended globally renowned and celebrated statesmen and stateswomen and influential leaders have been opportunistically motivated to speak their minds or express their moral convictions when it mattered the most. You see, one may be a highly gifted or a generously endowed intellectual or scholar. But the highly prized acquisition of “Native Intelligence” or Common Sense is another species or breed of the human animal altogether. The Akan-language speakers of Ghana often say that: “We admonish the wise in proverbs, but to the fool we speak in plain language.” A word to the wise.

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By Kwame Okoampa-Ahoofe, Jr., PhD
Professor Emeritus, Department of English
SUNY-Nassau Community College
Garden City, New York
February 2, 2024
E-mail: [email protected]