Gushegu M/A Primary: 161 pupils crammed in one small size classroom  

Education Gushegu MA Primary: 161 pupils crammed in one small size classroom
MAR 2, 2024 LISTEN

Primary three pupils of the Gushegu M/A Primary School in the Northern Region, who are 161 in number, are all crammed in a classroom relatively smaller than the class size.

Aside being massed in the classroom, the pupils do not have enough seats leaving four and more of them sharing a desk while others sit on the bare floor.

     This came to light when a media team visited the school to monitor its furniture situation. 

     The desks in the class were arranged very close to each other making free movement in the unventilated classroom impossible. 

     The classroom was filled so much that some of the pupils sat on the floor very close to the black board leaving little space for entry.  

     Meanwhile, the Ghana Education Service's (GES) recommended standard class size is 35 pupils per class.

     During the visit, the pupils were seeing sweating during lesson as the weather was hot.

     Mr Abdul Razak Abdulai, Primary Three Class Teacher at the school, in an interview with the Ghana News Agency, said it was frustrating handling a class of 161 pupils saying he wished the number were lower to ease the stress on him and the children. 

     He said “The weather is hot, and the children are always sweating. They are not comfortable to learn.”

     He lamented about the inadequate furniture situation of the school saying it compelled the pupils to sit on the floor describing it as terrible.

     Mr Abdulai said the situation needed immediate intervention appealing for more structures and furniture for the school.

     The Ghana News Agency spoke with a Clinical Psychologist on the impact of the congestion on pupils’ learning abilities. 

     Mr Peter Amadu Mintir, Clinical Psychologist at Total Life Enhancement Centre, said overcrowding in an educational environment could lead to increased stress, anxiety, and the feeling of helplessness.

     He said the pupils’ ability to concentrate could be reduced during lessons and level of frustration heightened. 

     He stated that the learning outcomes of the class three pupils could be impaired because some pupils, who might need extra attention, would not be identified by the teacher due to the large class size.

     He said, “An overcrowded classroom can create discomfort that will impede the ability of individuals to achieve optimal learning outcome.”

     Mr Mintir added that there might be reduced individualised attention among the pupils, which could further deter them from retaining information.