Passage of Anti-LGBT Bill will promote hooliganism, persecution and killing of victims; scare away tourists — NGSJF

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Social News Yahaya Alhassan,President of The New Ghana Social Justice Forum
MAR 1, 2024 LISTEN
Yahaya Alhassan,President of The New Ghana Social Justice Forum

The President of the New Ghana Social Justice Forum (NGSJF) has appealed to Members of Parliament to direct their energies to fighting against corruption, and not Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT).

According to him, there are more pressing issues the country is facing such as unemployment crises, high cost of living, corruption, rampant road accidents, poverty, lack of potable drinking water in some rural areas, bad roads, schools children under trees, internet data fraud and others Ghanaian leaders need to focus on than people’s sexual preferences.

Speaking in a press conference organized in Accra, Mr. Alhassan, made a special appeal to the President of Ghana Nana Akufo Addo to reject the obnoxious bill against LGBTs.

"Because the bill will promote hooliganism; persecutions, assaults and killing of innocent LGBTs in Ghana. Such a bill would taint Ghana's image with a retrogressive effect on tourism and foreign investment which has the potential to create jobs at this highest surge of unemployed graduates," he stated.

He observed that there is already an attack of persons believed to be practising LGBT in communities. He argues that assenting the bill would give license to the youth to assault, persecute and even kill what he called innocent people based on suspicions.

“Whilst someone’s bedroom cannot be our problem, there is no any priority than creating jobs, providing basic needs for the poor in Ghana, and passing a bill to jail corrupt leaders," he stated.

He points out that, corruption has a long catastrophic consequence than terrorism which requires an urgent bill or measures to tackle.

"We identify President Akufo Addo not just for Ghana, but, President for Africa, hence, we shall be pleased for his good office to annul the bill," he emphasised.