Zulaiha Dobia Abdullah pioneers celebration of ‘Ghana Month’ through technology

By Bright Philip Donkor II Contributor
Article Zulaiha Dobia Abdullah
MAR 1, 2024 LISTEN
Zulaiha Dobia Abdullah

As Ghana embraces its annual Ghana Month celebration this March, Zulaiha Dobia Abdullah, the visionary founder of Divaloper, is pioneering a revolutionary approach to honor and celebrate the accomplishments of hardworking and successful women nationwide.

Zulaiha’s groundbreaking initiative, known as the “See Ghana agenda,” aims to utilize technology to spotlight the invaluable contributions of women to Ghana’s growth and success.

The “See Ghana agenda” represents a pioneering effort by Zulaiha Dobia Abdullah to recognize and celebrate the outstanding achievements of women across various sectors, including technology, entrepreneurship, education, and social activism.

Through Divaloper’s cutting-edge technological solutions, Zulaiha plans to showcase the stories, experiences, and accomplishments of inspirational Ghanaian women who have made significant strides in their respective fields.

Celebrating women
Zulaiha Dobia Abdullah, a trailblazer in the tech industry and a passionate advocate for gender equality, believes that celebrating women’s achievements is crucial for promoting inclusivity, diversity, and innovation in Ghanaian society.

By launching the “See Ghana agenda,” she hopes to inspire and empower future generations of women to pursue their dreams with confidence and determination.


“In celebrating Ghana Month this March, we have a unique opportunity to highlight the incredible achievements of women who have shaped our nation’s path,” said Zulaiha Dobia Abdullah. “Through the ‘See Ghana agenda,’ we aim to amplify their voices, celebrate their accomplishments, and inspire others to follow suit.”

Digital campaigns
As part of this initiative, Divaloper will roll out a series of digital campaigns, online events, and interactive platforms to showcase the diverse talents, achievements, and contributions of Ghanaian women.

From virtual exhibitions to live panel discussions and social media campaigns, these initiatives will provide a platform for women to share their stories and insights with a wider audience.

Zulaiha Dobia Abdullah invites individuals and organizations across Ghana to join hands in celebrating Ghana Month by participating in the “See Ghana agenda” and supporting the recognition of women’s achievements in the country.

Through collective action and collaboration, she believes that Ghana can truly embrace its rich cultural heritage and celebrate the extraordinary contributions of its women to the nation’s progress and development.