01.03.2024 Feature Article

High interest foreign loans and corruption bankrupted Ghana - perforce the next administration must avoid both

High interest foreign loans and corruption bankrupted Ghana - perforce the next administration must avoid both
01.03.2024 LISTEN

Dear critical-reader, the transformation of our bankrupted homeland Ghana into a prosperous and equitable society, will be well nigh impossible, if the new administration that takes control of our system after January 2025, does nothing to avoid contracting new high interest foreign loans, and fails to ruthlessly suppress high level corruption by state-capture rent-seeking big-thieves-in-high-places. Full stop. Yoooooooo...

The question a wise and aspirational African people ought therefore to ponder over is: How can the next elected government-of-the-day, fulfill its nation-building pledges, without burdening hapless taxpayers, with yet more contracted high interest foreign loans, for the modernisation and expansion of bedrocking-infrastructure to help boost economic activities nationwide, grow our GDP, create wealth that remains locally and generate jobs galore for our teeming unemployed younger generations?

In light of all the above, whoever emerges as winner of this year's pivotal presidential election, must act as a wartime leader, and quickly form a government of national unity, which will bring the best minds together, regardless of party affiliation, and implement bleeding-edge policy initiatives, designed to get us out of the unholy mess, which the greedy people around President Akufo-Addo, have gotten our country into.

Above all, dear critical-reader, there is no question that things will deteriorate yet further, after the new administration begins its tenure in January 2025, before the overall situation stabilises and daily life begins to improve for ordinary people, across the entirety of the landmass of

our benighted Republic. We must be prepared to face that and strive to survive it.

As responsible and patriotic citizens, we must all be prepared, therefore, to make the needed societal sacrifices, even as we struggle to survive, during what will doubtless be an incredibly stressful period of unprecedented extreme difficulty for the vast majority of ordinary people.

Finally, dear critical-reader, since we are in the unholy mess that bankruptcy has created for us, mainly because of ruinous and excessively high interest nation-building contracted foreign loans, and egregious high-level corruption, the next administration must avoid both those nation-wrecking sins, if it is to successfully transform our homeland Ghana into a prosperous and equitable society, oooo, Ghanafuor. Yooooooo. A word to the wise...