Why Do We Neglect The Importance of Road Markings in Ghana?

By Ing. Peter Antwi Boasiako
Article Why Do We Neglect The Importance of Road Markings in Ghana?
MAR 1, 2024 LISTEN

Honestly, I truly struggle to understand why we spend money to construct good roads in Ghana, and yet, the contractors deliberately fail to ensure that there are proper road markings at the appropriate spots before handing them over to the authorities, and why is it also accepted by the agencies in charge of road building. Why is this so? Is this because we do not see the need for maintaining the markings on the existing roads as well? I really do not get it, and I am sure a lot of people do feel same. I personally do not get it!

The fact is, apart from the undeniable disposition that clear and well-maintained road markings significantly enhance and contribute to road safety; it also improves the beautification of our towns, cities, and environs.

Most importantly, we need understand that road markings provide visual cues to drivers, assisting them in anticipating road conditions and upcoming changes. I do not see why we cannot emphasize that road markings are supposed to enhance road safety enough to hold the contractors accountable, even if it is only to ensure that the right job has to be done before handing over to the authority.

Elsewhere in other jurisdictions, if an accident were to occur due to the lack of road markings, or the inadequate quality of them, the responsibility would lie directly with those in charge of the road marking maintenance. An incident caused as a direct result of road marking quality or lack of road markings by the contractors could therefore be a violation of the law. Why do we generally see nothing wrong with lack of road markings in Ghana? I do not get it!

It becomes extremely terrible when driving on a supposed three- or four-lane road and there are no markings on the road or when facing oncoming traffic where there are no markings. It becomes highly dangerous.

I think we seriously need to improve our road markings and road signs to reduce road traffic accidents in Ghana.