29.02.2024 Feature Article

Honey can make Africa rich again

Honey can make Africa rich again
29.02.2024 LISTEN

In our local area Barmbek in Hamburg/Germany 40.000 people enjoy the pleasant life with 4 beekeepers among us. The honey of the city is of higher quality than that from rural areas as cities are not affected by pesticides. Honey is sweet, and healthy, and helps to reduce the import of crystal sugar keeping the import and export ratio in check by which contributes to a stable Euro rate.

Ghana with a population of around 31 Million citizens can generate with such an innovative 3000 jobs and no specific qualification needed. South Africa with a population of around 60 Mio. citizens can create 6000 jobs in this industry which helps to pollinate flowers, plants, and forests an essential factor for a healthy environment and productive agricultural sector.

Big single projects might collapse laying off thousands of workers at once. Maybe half of the new beekeepers will not make it but 3000 respectively 1500 jobs will remain. These people at first might only generate enough income for themselves and not be able to pay taxes but they need not be fed by society. Happier citizens at a low cost. Over time measures can be put in place to increase their profit gradually.

Honey can be harvested without a long process of planning and corruption involved but can start right now, right here. Such small-scale initiatives close to the people in their area can make a significant positive impact on people's the expense of African politicians.

They are simple and effective but not glamorous like a power station, airport, seaport, Highways, Free SHS education, etc. The mix of thinking and initiatives is what makes a society so successful or a failure. African democracies bear fruits for politicians who see their lives in the media spotlights of greater importance than doing what is best for their people. Unless this mentality does not change Africans will still survive in poverty.

God have mercy on Africa!