27.02.2024 Feature Article

Why must the Ghana we need to build work well for all its societal demographics?

Why must the Ghana we need to build work well for all its societal demographics?
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Dear critical-reader, precisely because we sit on a ticking social time bomb that extreme poverty and lack of opportunity for bottom-of-the-pyramid demographics represent, the new Ghana we need to build, must perforce be underpinned by an inheritantly fair system, if it is ever to become a happy nation with a system that works for all its societal demographics, in equitable fashion. Full stop.

That is why it is so crucial that if after the new administration takes over running our country after January 2025, and it becomes patently clear to all Ghanaians, shortly afterwards, that it is business as usual - in which a new set of self-seeking state capture rent seeking big-thieves-in-high-places, show, by their actions and inactions, that they too have come to line up to metaphorically take turns to brutally gang-rape Mother Ghana, yet again, then a June 4th, 1979-type revolution must sweep the entire edifice of the corruption-riddled 4th Republic away, by overthrowing the newly-elected government-of-the-day. Simple. Full stop.

First on the list of a raft of needed radical bleeding-edge policy initiatives to transform Ghana into a fair and prosperous society that works for all its societal demographics, in the view of some radical thinkers, is that today's progeny of the precolonial tribal ruling elites, must be forced to pay reparations to ordinary Ghanaians - for their predecessors perfidy in allowing themselves to be conned by the various European powers that successfully occupied our homeland, and had the arrogant-impudence to impose their religion, their mores and ways, on us. Hmmm, 3y3nsem piiii, oooo, Ghanafuor.

Towards that end, such radical thinkers suggest that the new revolutionary regime must swiftly implement a new land redistribution policy initiative, which will enable all landless families, and individuals, needing land across the entire landmass of our Republic, to gain ready access to land in planned new private sector delivered green climate resilient communities nationwide, for constructing family homes, embarking on organic farming ventures bedrocked on agroforestry and permaculture principles, as well as for industrial purposes, with Bank of Ghana (BoG) 100-year generational levelling-up bailout loans.

In furtherance of that generational levelling-up societal goal, which said radicals say will boost sustainable green growth, as sure as day follows night, they demand that all Stool lands in Ghana must be nationalised.

It needs to be pointed out, dear critical-reader, that it is the case that India clipped the wings of its powerful Maharajahs, and, freed of their baleful influence, a meritocratic India has eventually gone on to become a global economic and nuclear armed military power - so perhaps clipping the wings of Ghana's traditional rulers might make a real difference, for us too: as inherited privilege is meritocracy's greatest enemy, lol.

That said, naturally, to ensure natural justice, said radicals also recommend that affected traditional authorities should be compensated with the issuance of 100-year reparation bonds, for which secondary trading ought to be allowed, so that all affected traditional rulers can raise cash for their immediate needs, by discounting their **reparation** bonds. Simple. Straightforward. Fair. Case closed.

Finally, there is no question, dear critical-reader, that without the implementation of such a generational levelling-up land redistribution policy initiative, we can never build a Ghana that works well for all its societal demographics, in equitable fashion, oooo, Ghanafuor. Full stop. Yoooooooo. A word to the wise...