Yagbonwura enskins Mahama as 'Chief of Truth and Integrity'

By Ananpansah Bartholomew Abraham
Headlines Yagbonwura enskins Mahama as 'Chief of Truth and Integrity'
FEB 27, 2024 LISTEN

Former President and the leader of the National Democratic Congress, John Dramani Mahama has been installed as a 'Chief of Truth and Integrity' by the Overlord of the Gonja Kingdom, Yagbonwura Bi-kunuto Jewu Soale.

His skin name is 'Keshenteng Wura'.
At a very colorful ceremony to welcome the former president who is a son of the 'soil' to the Jakpa Palace, the Yagbonwura described his visit as a wonderful homecoming, assuring the former president of the support of the entire Gonja Kingdom.

"Our son has come home for our blessings, prayers and support for victory come 7th December, 2024. When you have a son who is fighting a worthy national cause, you as a father will be more than happy to fully support him, since it is said that: “when a child is climbing a good tree, he needs nothing but a push.” Your Excellency, you have our push. You have our support.

"The entire Gonja Kingdom is behind you as a son. Therefore, do not let us down when given the nod. Leave behind a generational legacy that as a people, we would always be proud of. Our ancestors are with you; the Great Ndewura Jakpa’s warrior’s spirit is with you, as you go round across the length and breadth of the country to seek the people’s mandate again," he said.

The king noted that the 24-hour Economy Policy proposal by John Dramani Mahama when successful may contribute to addressing the problems of under-development, poverty and unemployment, adding that, when given the opportunity, the former president has the experience and ability to overcome the serious challenges our country is facing at this crucial moment in our history.

He sounded a word of caution to the Electoral Commission to remain neutral and work with both sides of the political divides to ensure fairness in the elections.

According to him, the story should never be told that under the two Northern contenders, there was any form of conflict reported anywhere in the country as a result of elections, calling on the police, the National Peace Council and all stakeholders to play their professional roles in ensuring we keep the peace before, during and after the 2024 polls.

As a father, he urged the former president to take a keen interest in bridging the gap that exist between the North and South when given the opportunity once again to occupy the seat of presidency.