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NPP has become double-minded political party and dangerous to trust — GFL

Mr. Abraham KoomsonMr. Abraham Koomson
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Mr. Abraham Koomson, Secretary General of the Ghana Federation of Labour (GFL), revealed at the weekend that the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP) has become a double-minded political party and government dangerous to entrust with the future of the country.

“The NPP has become like a wave of the sea, blown and tossed by the wind, and a political party and government that have demonstrated that they cannot synchronize their actions and deeds,” Mr. Koomson stated during a media encounter in Tema at the weekend.

He said the NPP can best be described as a disloyal and sharply divided political party, as some of its leading founding members are pointing towards the north and others, especially in government, are pointing in different directions. “It will be a disaster for the nation to entrust the governance of the country into their hands in the December polls," he stated.

Mr. Koomson said the NPP government, in one moment, passed the emission levy to deal with cars that are polluting the environment, then turned around to bring in diesel trains.

The GFL Secretary General quoted the European Commission project, which aimed at reducing harmful emissions from diesel locomotives, and affirmed that diesel locomotive engines are a major contributor to air pollution.

“The culprits are NOx SO2. Both are readily produced by diesel locomotives, and both cause an array of health and environmental problems.

“Nitrogen dioxide (NO2), a type of NOx, is particularly worrisome as it is 240 times more destructive to the ozone layer than carbon dioxide, making it a primary contributor to climate change. Likewise, urban smog and acid rain, the latter of which wreak havoc on fragile ecosystems,” he quoted.

Mr. Koomson described such conflicting policy directions as a signal of a government and party in turmoil and called on the government to provide better and further particulars regarding its recent decision to procure new diesel trains for Ghana.

This follows the government’s announcement of acquiring two modern diesel-powered trains aimed at improving the country’s railway transportation system, covering both regional and long-distance routes of Ghana Railways.

“I have read that the government has purchased two diesel-powered trains, and I wonder, why should the government be talking from two different sides of the same mouth? Won’t the diesel trains emit any fumes? I don’t understand. Don’t we have electric trains?" Mr. Koomson questioned.

“Why invest in a machine you intend to phase out? You said even ordinary cars are polluting, so why bring in diesel trains?” He further queried.

Regarding taxes, Mr. Koomson stated, “GFL has been discussing these taxes, and the records are clear. We cautioned parliament against passing some of these taxes, but they were passed, causing more hardships for Ghanaians.”

The GFL Secretary-General expressed that businesses are collapsing due to some taxes introduced by the government. “People are losing their jobs daily; why is that? Meanwhile, the government portrays this as if they are creating jobs and everything is okay. How can people lie like this?” he stressed.

Mr. Koomson suggested that politicians should now swear the oath of office with a “deity” instead of the usual Bible and Quran. “I wish that when you swear an oath, we should use a very dangerous ‘deity’ that will strike you down instantly when you lie in power,” he remarked.

He also cited the actions of Vice President Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia as the epitome of a double-minded personality, and Flagbearer, in his desperate attempt to win the next election, gave conflicting messages.

He describes, “Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia (DMB) as deceptive Mahamudu Bawumia (DMB) who said when elected he would rule with 50 Ministers and Deputy Minister turn-round, formed a campaign team of over 40 personalities, and formed a manifesto committee of 319 personalities.”

“Coming events cast their shadows before them,” Mr. Koomson noted, and he urged Ghanaians to be vigilant and scrutinize all political pronouncements and promises before they decide to vote.

“Deceptive Mahamudu Bawumia (DMB) cannot rule this country with double-minded policies and a team that is already confused about the direction of the party and the government. Apart from the quest to break 'eight', the NPP has nothing to offer,” Mr. Koomson noted.

He reiterated that Ghana's democracy is under threat, emphasizing that the use of money and other logistics to influence party members during both presidential and parliamentary primaries sends a dangerous message.

"Ghana now has a semblance of a democratic state controlled by those with financial powers; we are heading towards a democratic crash as practices such as corruption and tribalism continue to erode the gains of a real democratic state," he intimated.

Mr. Koomson also expressed concern that the ruling NPP continues to demonstrate opulence while being hesitant and apathetic to the needs of workers in particular and Ghanaians in general.

According to the GFL Secretary General, "the current NPP government has shown that they don't care about workers because some of the policies implemented by the government are creating problems for workers."

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