25.02.2024 Feature Article

To save our biosphere's remaining biodiversity hotspots should we not monitor them from space?

To save our biosphere's remaining biodiversity hotspots should we not monitor them from space?
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Dear critical-reader, for humanity to save the remaining biodiversity hotspots across our biosphere (the human race's common home that a powerful and greedy few are destroying for personal financial gain), surely, monitoring them from space would make a huge difference, in the ongoing fight to preserve them for our younger generations and their unborn progeny?

Some of us have always believed that saving our biosphere's remaining biodiversity hotspots, by monitoring them from space, is the most effective way to preserve biodiversity hotspots worldwide.

Speaking from personal experience, for example, over the years, I have watched my own family's Akyem Juaso freehold14-square mile upland evergreen rainforest property, being gradually degraded by increasingly emboldened, ruthless and murderous illegal gold miners, working in tandem with illegal bushcut chainsaw lumber producers.

As the decades have gone by, greedy and criminally-minded younger generation cousins from my own family (led by my shortsighted, amoral and thoroughly corrupt second cousins, Kwame Thompson and Kofi Bampoe, aided and abetted by our evil-minded overseer, Awuku Red and his family), have colluded with illegal gold miners, and illegal loggers, to destroy a large area of what is part of a designated Globally Significant Biodiversity Area (GSBA).

Our family's freehold 14-square mile Akyem Abuakwa upland evergreen rainforest property, lies in the Akyem Juaso section of the Atewa Mountain Range - with 99.6 acres of our land inside the Atewa Forest Reserve: which is known in Forestry Commission jargon as an "admitted farm", to which we have legal access but don't venture into, and intend to use as a community carbon sequestration project, eventually.

Alcoa, the American aluminium giant, actually sponsored Conservation International, to carry out a rapid assessment survey there, in 2006. The results and recommendations are available online at: RAP Bulletin No. 47. There is a pillar with the letters HSBC etched on the top in our property, as it happens. Cool.

Finally, dear critical-reader, perhaps to neutralise their respective corporate carbon footprints, Elon Musk's X/Twitter social media platform, could collaborate with What3Words and Bellingcat, to leverage their gained tech sector expertise/competencies, to create a livestreaming section on X/Twitter, where the world could, without paying for same, monitor all our biosphere's remaining biodiversity hotspots, on a 24/7 year-round basis, made possible by XCorp's Starlink satellite broadband Internet service? No? Yes?