Embassy of Ukraine in the Republic of Ghana on the second anniversary of the Russian full-scale invasion

By Ivan Lukachuck, Chargé D'affaires of Ukraine in Ghana
Article Embassy of Ukraine in the Republic of Ghana on the second anniversary of the Russian full-scale invasion
FEB 23, 2024 LISTEN

These days, Ukraine remembers the beginning of tragic events that dramatically changed the recent history of our state, with an impact far beyond, on the history of the entire European continent and the world.

Ten years ago, the unprovoked armed aggression of the Russian Federation against Ukraine launched the process of destruction of the world order created after the Second World War, based on international law.

Let us remember the temporary occupation and attempted annexation of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea and the city of Sevastopol in 2014, followed by the temporary occupation of parts of the territory of the Donetsk and Luhansk regions. The impunity that Russia felt, in the absence of a decisive response by the international community to these crimes, caused a series of terrible events, culminating in February 2022 with a full-scale invasion of the Russian Federation in Ukraine.

The series of aggression followed by occupation demonstrate a flagrant violation of international humanitarian law, international law and human rights, through the demolition of cities and villages, numerous victims among the civilian population, tortures, and thousands of people left dead and wounded. Russia also resorts to nuclear blackmail and undermines fundamental foundations of the international security and non-proliferation architecture.

Russia intends to legitimize an attempt to illegally annex Ukrainian territories by holding so-called "referenda" and "elections", the results of which were not recognized by the international community. By trying to organize “so-calledelections” on the temporarily occupied territories, the Kremlin rudely violatedinternational law, delegitimizing results of such "elections"throughout the all the territory of the federation, as well as the very statusof its future President.

The arrest warrant for Putin issued by the International Criminal Court, resulting from the war crime of illegal deportations and transfer of thousands of Ukrainian children to the territory of the aggressor state, has become one of the important consequences of the Russian occupation within Ukraine. Such crimes do not have a statute of limitations. The war criminals must be apprehended and handed over to international justice.

The heroic resistance of the Ukrainian people disrupted colonial and imperial ambitions of Putin and his plans to separate Ukraine from Europe. His intentions to erase Ukraine from the world map, to turn Ukraine into its colony, and to destroy Ukrainian identity, have failed.

Ukrainian people continue to demonstrate courage and heroism, fighting day-by-day for its existence, preservation of its statehood and survival. The people of Ukraine and Ghana are aligned in the defence of democracy and rules-based order around the world. An absolute majority of the world community members have condemned the Russian aggression and confirmed their commitment to the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine.

In these extremely difficult times, we are sincerely grateful to our international partners for their political support, military, financial and humanitarian assistance, and increased sanctions to pressure the aggressor state.

Ukraine will never surrender to the aggressor. Only a complete restoration of Ukraine's territorial integrity within its internationally recognized borders will ensure peace and stability in Europe and the world.

Ukraine understands the need to create a new international security system that would effectively respond to today's threats and challenges. The role of Ghana in this process will be significant.

We appreciate the solidarity and principled position of the Republic of Ghana in matters of the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Ukraine. We are determined to further develop and strengthen existing relations between our countries. This is evidenced by the opening of the Embassy of Ukraine in Ghana at the end of 2023, as well as the intensification of bilateral contacts.

On 16 January 2024, the President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelenskyy, met with the President of the Republic of Ghana, Nana Akufo-Addo, on the sidelines of the WEF in Davos, to discuss concrete ways to deepen relations between Ukraine and Ghana. The Head of our State thanked Ghana for supporting the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine on the international stage.

Despite Russian aggression, Ukraine will continue to be a reliable guarantor of food security at the global level. We consider Ghana as an important partner for the supply of Ukrainian agricultural products to African countries.

We are confident that through joint efforts with our partners, we will ensure the implementation of the Peace Formula of the President Zelenskyy as the only effective roadmap aimed at restoring comprehensive, just and sustainable peace in Ukraine and security for the whole world.

We look forward to the Global Peace Summit at the level of heads of state and government, leaders of international organizations, and call on Ghana to join the Summit, and participate in the implementation of the points of the Peace Formula.

We are convinced that through joint efforts we will be able to achieve the full restoration of the territorial integrity and peace in Ukraine and in Europe.

We are convinced that our Ghanaian partners will stand side by side with Ukraine until our joint victory.