23.02.2024 Feature Article

Quick notes to the folk who run the UK's The Guardian newspaper and those that control X/Twitter

Quick notes to the folk who run the UK's The Guardian newspaper and those that control XTwitter
23.02.2024 LISTEN

By Kofi Thompson
Dear critical-reader, today one has penned missives to the folk who run the UK's Guardian newspaper and those that control X/Twitter:

1) Missive to the UK newspaper The Guardian's editorial team:

With the greatest respect, fellow media professionals, why don't we strike a win-win deal - one continues to introduce new readers to your marvellous quality journalism: and you cease asking me to donate money to you. You are after all, getting free influencer-superpower from me, for zilch, are you not, lol?

As it happens, one happens to be in the global cash-poor but asset-rich demographic, lol - speaking humbly in matter of fact fashion, only, mind.

In any case, the world famous and widely respected BBC, has no paywall either - so one could always transfer one's allegiance and global audiences to them, if need be, lol. Doable? Yes? No?

2) Missive to those that control free-speech-absolutist X/Twitter:

Dear Team X/Twitter,
Alas, one's allergy to paywalls applies to one's presence on X/Twitter, too, lol. Deal doable with you, lol? Yes? No? Ask Grok - nothing is impossible, to the agile-minded: which is what the brilliant Musk is by leaps and bounds, so to speak, lol. Cool.

By the way, Global Adjumawurafuorhene1, Nana Elon Musk (my knickname for the mercurial and indefatigable Elon, lol!), happens to be one's favourite 'fascist' and 'racist', as his envious detractors describe him. Nothing could be further from the truth, lol.

Hopefully, we will eventually be able to convince him to holiday in one's native Ghana's Mole National Park, the world's best national park for viewing families of African elephants, and Rwanda and DR Congo's Rwenzori and Virunga Mountain ranges, with his little man (strapped to his Papa, riding piggyback as usual), to see silver-backed gorillas, lol. Wish them both well! Case closed? (Akyem Juaso@RainforestGhana)