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The Red Apples (part 120)

The Red Apples part 120
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King Carl I, met with the grandson of the last President of Ghana, Tim Mahama, a common name but not a common man. As an author and intellectual he had exchanged written arguments about why the past was better than the present. He could not stand against the achievements of King David and his successors on all fronts of the national development but insisted democracy and his political family would sooner or later had turned the tables and had created a better Ghana. He insisted on the old saying that Rome was not built in a day.

His argument was looking into the mirror they looked much better than their age and outer appearance. How something was, was not of great importance to him, his family, and friends. Slogans everything will turn out for the best of the people given another term in office filled his mouth with pleasure and pleased his family members abroad. Their status mattered a great deal to them far above the plight of the people below them.

Time was never of great essence for them. Constant setbacks for the nation his family brushed off under the morning shower. But not only for him suffering of his people was a note in a history book, not a calling for change and addressing challenges but for all politicians with honey in their mouths and sweetness in their yawning manifestos their way forward. Old-fashioned democracy the African style suited him and his family best at least better than the new kingdom of Ghana and the monarchy with no financial compensation for the kings but obvious positive results.

Tim Mahama sat before a mirror and asked the spirit hiding in it:“ Mirror, mirror on the wall. Who is the best-looking man in our country? Is it our king or I?

The mirror came out and looked at Tim Mahama and answered: „My master you look definitely great but the other man you mentioned looks more handsome.“

When Tim Mahama heard the truth spoken he became furious. He got up nearly smashing the mirror to the ground and argued: „That is never true. I look more handsome and I will prove it to you.“

He looked around the house and in the bathroom found enough snake venom to inject into an apple. He chose the best, the most shiny red apple on the kitchen table.

At the meeting with King Carl I, Tim Mahama offered the king the red apple.

God said to King Carl I: „What are you doing here so early? It is not your time yet!“

King Carl I, answered: „I ate a red apple, my Lord. It was poisoned!“

God categorically declared: „You can kill a body but no human can kill a soul or a spirit. I am the creator of the heavens and the earth. I am the creator of man. I am the God of history. I am God!“