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The Red Apples (part 119)

The Red Apples part 119
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King Carl I, entered the small private conference room, and all got up. He asked them to remain seated and walked over to his chair right at the window to the back garden of the Headquarters. The group of Kings had gathered to discuss the political systems of their nations to exchange ideas on how best to improve on their accomplishments. Charles Wilson, political advisor to the US President was granted the rare permission to be among them. He had come to learn from the African leaders.

Charles Wilson was excited to hear from King Carl I what he had to say. King Carl I, started by saying: „Democracy in my belief is the best concept man has ever come up with but not without flaws and failures and not relevant to the world at all times in all places. When it benefits people and the majority of it it is a blessing.

When it proves to be counterproductive to the progress of a nation it must be questioned and a nation must dig deep down into the toolbox of political instruments. When free independent minds with no negative influence from within the nation or the outside voluntarily choose another form of governance at a certain point in their development process that is more widely accepted by the people of a nation they should be free to decide for themselves regardless of the concept others have opted for to progress they should go ahead with their walk of a new life.

The respect for free decisions of nations must be part of the political agenda of mankind particularly when no force of oppression is involved and no voice of moral supremacy is to be heard. Let’s not forget that many democratic jurisdictions were misused for the benefit of one leader, his family, and friends or a new elite and not for the overall benefit of the people. Remember what in old developed countries often happened never to be found in our nations of Africa. Never!

Active politicians and ministers establish a wide network of contacts while in office. After retirement, they use these contacts to benefit massively from. They register political advisory companies and charge huge consultancy fees. Behind the scenes of the dark web companies and organizations approach these former high-ranking politicians and sign secret contracts with them to bring them into contact with political decision-makers in power. When they successfully broker behind the public eye a deal they get a substantial amount of money. Many political decisions that influence the lives of the people are not democratic decisions as for that transparency is the keyword.“

Charles Wilson was most impressed by what he was learning. He knew this dark web lobbyism did great harm to the defenders of democracy. He heard the king saying: „Our entrepreneurs only get reduced tax rates on their personal income when they can demonstrate that they created more jobs in exchange for the favor given or pay into our government fund which supports start-ups or other companies to create such jobs.“

The American guest was full of admiration for the African third way of progress and asked: „ For the benefit of my people…your majesty…can you please explain in plain and simple words your African government system?“

King Carl I, smiled and said:“ In simple words?“

„Oh…yes, please,“ got Charles Wilson out of his College block to take notes.

„The head is the King. He is elected by the people. He stays in power until he dies or abducts. After that, a new king is voted for to be the next head. He is an absolute monarch.

To ensure he is not misusing his powers checks and balances are put into place. Nothing new in the world history but part of the old ancient Greek system. A Council of Seven Wise Men stands next to him. They get elected for a single five-year term only by the people of the country. This Council has the right at any time to arrest the king if they have firm and good reasons to believe that the king misused his power. The King serves in prison but can defend himself before the court. When acquitted of the charges brought before him he can sit again on the throne of the nation. Otherwise, he has to seek exile outside the country.

Below him is the Prime Minister whom he appoints and dismisses. The Prime Minister appoints his Cabinet Ministers, not the king. He only blesses them. There is no parliament.

To hear and consider the voices of the people and recognize that in a nation most people think of their immediate area more than the entire nation each region or state has a central Head of the region to govern local affairs. These Heads are elected by the people. It is more a personality decision than a party decision that voters go for. There are no Parlaments on this lower level of government. The Heads of the region form the Council of States to voice their interests to the government and the king to be considered.

For the Heads of these regions, there are Councils of Elders from the villages and towns to voice their interests to the second layer of governance.

As these Councils are more politically motivated a balancing Council of Experts advises all layers of the government structure. This body is comprised of intellectuals from all walks of life and experts to explain complex information and conditions of their fields of expertise to the decision-makers and general public including the press.

Judges are appointed by the Minister for Justice. The justice system is independent but not a caste besides the society but rather an integral part of it. Like the rest of the society, it is submitted to constant quality checks. Judges will not be asked to judge in a certain way but undergo quality checks every two years in a complex fashion to ensure the best justice system is performing to the highest standard.

This form of government ensures the best strategy to achieve success in the fastest possible time like a general in a combat situation, preventing of power misuse and considering the interests of the people at all times.“

„A very balanced and most of all effective way of governance your Majesty. Now I understand that Africa has clearly and well deserved if I may say so the rest of the world especially us the old developed superpowers. I congratulate you and all the people who made this fantastic development possible. I bow my head to you all here in Africa.“

King Carl I, smiled hugging his American friends.