Dampare Escapes The Betrayal's Plans To Bring Him down, But The Blow Leaves Him Immobile

Feature Article Dampare Escapes The Betrayal's Plans To Bring Him down, But The Blow Leaves Him Immobile
FEB 22, 2024 LISTEN

George Dampare, Ghana's Inspector General of Police, has received criticism, but he has also achieved good results in performing his duties in partnership with Ghanaians and his colleagues to provide proper control over crimes. However, the IGP, like many others, encounters resistance from a wide range of unscrupulous colleagues who have never enjoyed his candor. Some of his colleagues think that since Akufo Addo appointed him, Dampare has had to commit crimes as well to promote the ruling party.


It is best for George Dampare, the Inspector General of Police, to step down, as he is no longer active since he survived his removal from office. He and his family will suffer greatly if he allows this widespread corrupt, incompetent, and deceitful NPP government to rig elections again in 2024 because the harm they have inflicted on the nation and the people is severe, costly, and deadly.

As I previously published on the ModernGhana news platform, if you take Akufo Addo's bribe, you have put yourself in a dungeon under his administration. It is impossible to criticize the president for his evil deeds, and if you do, you will only end up endorsing them. As a result, a lot of Ghanaians, including members of the police force, the army, heads of institutions, state-sponsored journalists, and even pastors, have been bought off with money to support the political corruption of Akufo Addo.

Fighting crime and corruption under Akufo Addo's government has become a difficult undertaking. The tragic aspect of the tale is that, despite the collapse of the economy, companies, and investments, you can’t refuse to support their divisive ideologies and unscrupulous practices that keep the nation's infrastructure in ruins. Nothing is improving in the country because people who should be able to preserve it are now under Akufo Addo's bribe; therefore, they are keeping their mouths shut.

The fact that the NPP government disapproved of Dampare's sincere efforts after supervising the free and fair by-elections in Assin North is quite concerning. They had assumed that since IGP Dampare was appointed by the president, Akufo Addo, he would utilize trickery against the opposition to win the seat for the NPP candidate. As a result of his integrity in overseeing a free and fair election, his colleagues planned his removal from office to prevent such from occurring in the 2024 elections.

However, as a true Ghanaian, please clarify why the Inspector General of Police was the target of such a plot. It's because the NPP government is conscious of its shortcomings, is aware that most Ghanaians don't care about them, and wants them removed from office. The NPP's dread of losing to the opposition is further supported by evidence of treasonous utterances made by Akufo Addo and Bryan Acheampong, stating that "the NPP will never hand over power to the NDC" and most recently, "Bawumia must do everything, whether crime or not, to secure power."

Since Akufo Addo joined politics from a criminal and corrupt background as a child, crime is the only thing that makes sense in his head. Among the reasons, he has been the worst leader in Ghanaian politics since the country's founding. Akufo Addo’s immorality has affected Inspector General of Police George Dampare, rendering him powerless in dealing with crimes, after he survived the attempt to remove him from office, he now fears attacks from his colleagues and the NPP.

NPP politicians have been involved in several troubling incidents, such as the mistreatment of journalists and treasonous statements that endanger Ghana's security, Constitution, and democracy. Dampare should have taken swift action to hold those responsible for these crimes, but he disregarded his obligations and allowed the crimes to continue unpunished. Meanwhile, he refused to spare any NDC members or those who oppose the NPP or Akufo Addo. Does that constitute efficient service?

"Why IGP George Dampare Should Think About Leaving This Dangerous Mafia-Styled NPP Government," was an article I wrote on July 14, 2023, after many articles about Dampare. I advised the IGP to step down since he couldn’t fight the crimes of the NPP government. It is not too late for him to resign, since his inability to perform is getting worse. It will be the biggest disgrace to him and his family if he can't oversee a free and fair election for this incompetent, destructive, and corrupt NPP to rig elections once again for the notorious liar politician called Bawumia.