Agric Minister cuts sod for farm infrastructure projects

By Irene Wirekoaa Osei- ISD || Contributor
Agriculture Agric Minister cuts sod for farm infrastructure projects
FEB 22, 2024 LISTEN

In a bid to boost rural livelihoods and food security, the Minister for Food and Agriculture, Dr Bryan Acheampong, has cut sod for the construction of infrastructure projects under the Emergency Support to Rural Livelihoods and Food (ESRF).

This initiative aims to empower smallholder farmers and communities impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic and climate change by providing better access to markets, addressing water scarcity, increasing crop yields and improving post-harvest management.

Speaking at the ceremony at Kwasi Fante in the Afram Plains South District on Tuesday, Dr Acheampong said building robust agriculture infrastructure was critical to improving farm yields and achieving food security.

He stated that the government was embarking on massive infrastructure development in the agriculture sector, adding that about 100-hectare water harvesting schemes would be constructed for smallholder farmers in Tordzinu, South Tongu District and Klenormadi, Ketu District all in the Volta Region.

According to Dr Acheampong, 16 commodity drying platforms and 29.5 kilometres of farm tracks would be constructed in some regions.

"Furthermore, 20 boreholes will be installed in the North-East, Nanton, Atebubu, Bono East, Northern and Savannah regions," he added.

He stressed the importance of contractors adhering to high standards and urged communities to actively participate in maintaining these facilities.

The Minister emphasised the project's potential to equip farmers for climate challenges and contribute to Ghana's agricultural development.

He extended gratitude to IFAD for its support and called for collective efforts towards transforming the sector.