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One killed in clash between Osino Presby Sec-Tech students and residents

One killed in clash between Osino Presby Sec-Tech students and residents
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Police personnel have currently taken over at the Osino Presby Senior High and Technical School following a physical confrontation between students and some community members from Nsuapemso in the Fanteakwa South District, which resulted in one death.

The incident occurred on Tuesday, February 20, 2024.

The personnel who have mounted surveillance are also patrolling the school’s surroundings to quickly detect and prevent possible reprisal attacks.

According to Citi News sources, the confrontation erupted on the school premises as a result of tension that had been brewing from a previous altercation on Monday, February 19, 2024, between students of Osino Presby Senior High and the townspeople.

The sources disclosed that one of the students allegedly confiscated a phone belonging to one of the town boys and physically subjected him to severe beatings on Monday during a school debate in a different community.

Seeking revenge, the town boys returned the following day, Tuesday, February 20, 2024, resulting in a violent clash between the two groups.

During the altercation, the six town boys attempted to set fire to the boys’ dormitory, but they were overpowered by students during the scuffle. One of the town boys was apprehended, subjected to severe beatings, and pronounced dead on arrival at the hospital where he was rushed for treatment.

The students allegedly set a vehicle belonging to one of the townspeople ablaze as well.

The Fanteakwa South District Security Council (DISEC) quickly convened a meeting and deployed police personnel from the district and reinforcements from Koforidua to the school to help maintain law and order, improve security, and restore peace.

DISEC also visited the family of the deceased young man to offer their condolences. DISEC also assured the family that a thorough investigation into the unfortunate incident would be conducted to ensure justice is served.