May the soul of brave-hearted Alexei Navalny rest in peace

Feature Article May the soul of brave-hearted Alexei Navalny rest in peace
FEB 20, 2024 LISTEN

Dear critical-reader let us join in prayer to ask his Maker, that the soul of brave-hearted Alexei Navalny rests peacefully in his bosom. It is not for nothing that the thoughts and prayers of millions worldwide (who desire to see Russia becoming a democracy that is a force for good globally), are with his family and the ordinary people of Russia, who have lost the foremost defender of their liberties. Navalny's painful death will not be in vain.

The Russian Federation, a great and proud nation, now held hostage by a cruel dictator, has lost a heroic defender, whose unwavering vision was for a democratic future for his beloved Russia, as a free, open and equitable society - a longheld dream Navalny fought for, and championed, to secure a Russian future in which the basic human rights of Russia's masses, could be assured and guaranteed.

Navalny was a fearless activist, who was prepared to die in his quest for a democratic future for Russia, rather than yield to the ruthless Kremlin oppressors, who feared him more than any other figure in Russia.

Navalny's unexplained sudden death in prison, has definitely sealed the fate of the murderous tyranny now embroiled in a needless war against a neighbour - a tyrannical and inept kleptocracy that has murdered so many dissenters across Russia, since the death of Boris Yeltsin, whose chosen successor, Putin, has gotten away with the elimination of key foes, time and time again.

The cruel irony in this tragic and momentous event, which Navalny's death represents, historically, is that it as sure as day follows night, marks the beginning of the end of Putin's hold on power. It is the one murder of a key political opponent that will haunt Putin till he too dies. Putin has now sealed his own fate too. For sure. In that sense, brave-hearted Navalny, in dying so cruelly while in prison, will, ironically, achieve what, despite his undoubted bravery, he could not achieve, while alive. May his soul rest in peace.