2024 Presidential Race, Ghanaians Will See The Biggest Vote-Buying Ever

Feature Article 2024 Presidential Race, Ghanaians Will See The Biggest Vote-Buying Ever
FEB 20, 2024 LISTEN

A citizen's participation in elections must be free and voluntary, and no candidate, political party, or other public figure may use coercive tactics such as threats of violence or threats of death to persuade someone to vote for a particular political party. Additionally, no one may interfere with an individual's right to free expression of opinion, prevent them from participating in elections, or influence any voter with material things or money.

From parliamentary elections to the election of the head of state, electoral corruption is a current concern. The second factor of relevance and significance is the unique risk posed by this kind of corruption, as those in positions of authority will go on to engage in illicit activity, serve the state illegally, misuse public funds for their own gain, and create new crimes and corruption offenses. This is the NPP government's exact political structure.

Corruption is currently being introduced into the election system by the NPP government, and as crimes are punished in many countries across the world, including Africa, in Ghana, they are committed with impunity. These crimes include disdain for the Constitution and vote buying. Ghana is going to witness the largest vote buying in its political history this year in an attempt to force an incompetent and corrupt Bawumia into the presidency, in a nation where flat television sets are provided to individuals to beg for votes with impunity.

The development of indifference among citizens and disrespect for the people are additional features of electoral corruption. Akufo Addo's government, including Members of Parliament, has long been dominated by corruption as a political issue, among other issues, causing underdevelopment, creating poverty and unemployment throughout the country, amid a political crisis that led to the fall of the economy, businesses, and investments.

Vote buying, however, is becoming more and more common in Ghana with impunity. It should be noted that this political corruption has all the characteristics of a developing political phenomenon, such as actual distortion of the electoral process by falsifying election results in an attempt to usurp or retain power and maintain the state's current political system, as well as the defeat of citizens' political rights by denying them the chance to take part in free and fair elections.

The article's significance lies in its conclusion regarding the necessity of preventive actions and the development of legal measures that will aid in the identification, prosecution, and punishment of electoral process offenders. NPP officials who conduct crimes do so with impunity because Akufo Addo has appointed judges designated to serve him alone. As a result, anyone influencing a voter with materials or money will also be able to do so without consequence.

To avoid being tempted to accept a bribe to vote for a political party, it is important to reject the urge. Getting money can help you in the short run, but ultimately your vote will decide your fate, so you can choose to ignore it or accept the money and cast a ballot against that political party. In my view, the core of bribery and vote buying does not improve the nation; instead, it fuels corruption, exacerbates the unemployment situation, and causes challenges for the average citizen.

Vote buying is the reason that the NPP government has stolen a lot of money, starving and leaving Ghanaians with massive debt and no responsibility. Imagine that despite continuing to starve Ghanaians and denying them employment and the ability to pay government employees, they manage to purchase votes in elections with TV sets. Ghanaians must, therefore, welcome the NPP and vote them out when they show up with their cash and television set. That's how the developed world will start to respect us.
Ghanaians live in a country with several foreign embassies and diplomats, who observe firsthand the political unrest, electoral fraud, and pervasive corruption that are eroding the country's reputation. Therefore, Ghanaians must demonstrate to them that they are not ignorant and that money cannot persuade them to make a poor choice. Voting is your future, your lifeblood; do not waste it on any insignificant political party.