The English lesson and the school boy

Feature Article The English lesson and the school boy
FEB 18, 2024 LISTEN

Friends, please get ready for today's English lesson. Tenses shows when an action took place. There are five types of tenses. 1. Simple tenses, under which we have present, past and future. Example: climb, climbed, will climb.

2. Perfect tenses, under which we have present perfect, past perfect and future perfect. Example: have climbed, had climbed, will have climbed. 3. Progressive tenses, also under which we have present progressive, past progressive and future progressive. Example: am climbing, was climbing, will be climbing.

4. Perfect progressive tenses, under which we have present perfect progressive, past perfect progressive, future perfect progressive. Example: have been climbing, had been climbing, will have been climbing.

5. Emphatic form, under which we have present emphatic and past emphatic. Example: do/does climb and did climb. There is no future emphatic because one can't emphasize something that hasn't been done yet.

In congruence with the above lesson, the following ensued between a teacher and his pupils:

Teacher: One day the Drivers Mate will become the president of Ghana. Which tense is that? A boy raised up his hand and shouted, "Teacher, teacher."

Teacher: Yes, Samuel, tell us the answer.
Samuel: Future impossible tense, sir.
Kikikikikiki, Samuel is bad paa. But I want to agree with him because of what I heard at a lecture not too long ago.

The speaker did not only stutter like a child in fright and goofed, he was simply unimpressive.

Kai, when it comes to incompetence and ineptitude, he is "macho", and nothing can change my mind from this reality.

Anthony Obeng Afrane