Ghana Does Not Belong To Akufo Addo To force Bawumia On Ghanaians As President If He Has Failed

Feature Article Ghana Does Not Belong To Akufo Addo To force Bawumia On Ghanaians As President If He Has Failed
FEB 17, 2024 LISTEN

Ghana is in dire straits, yet Ghanaians, politicians, religious leaders, academics, and graduates who are discussing the country's collapsed economy excessively seem unaware of the danger zone in which the country finds itself. If Ghana's dire circumstances are not averted and the failure, corruption, and incompetence of Bawumia as president are not addressed, I must inform the nation that the catastrophe that will affect Ghana will exceed what we are already witnessing. Ghanaians haven't seen anything yet.

Since Akufo Addo was penniless and in debt before he entered politics, all of his promises, including Bawumia's, were made to gain power so they could amass wealth. One of the reasons Ghana's economy, businesses, and investments, have crumbled amid a huge debt without knowing what the money was used for. Many Ghanaians are now quiet because of Akufo Addo's bribes, but those who truly care about the country will have to work to prevent Bawumia from becoming president because he is a member of this corrupt and incompetent regime.

I don't write for the sake of making people like me; rather, I write to let Ghanaians realize that we are all part of the issue and that listening to others can help them make the necessary corrections to end the poverty that exists in our country and improve their own lives. I shall continue to warn Ghanaians about Bawumia despite the antagonistic attitude, just as I did when Akufo Addo became president. Ghanaians contribute to the issue of neglect and suffering because the majority are tribal bigots.

Ghanaians have to understand that the desperate attempts by the NPP to make silver appear like gold are due to their lack of men. The NPP lacks a credible leader in addition to Bawumia, but the vice president they are trying to sell to Ghanaians is someone that they already know is dishonest, corrupt, incompetent, and has a history of lying about jobs that the NPP hasn't produced. Bawumia will be the same vice president who failed to provide the toilet he had promised the people if given the same chance.

The ignorant believe that you hate Bawumia when you write the facts, but in reality, no one hates him. He chose to be a habitual liar because he hated himself so much and never gave thought to leading a morally upright life to earn the trust of the public. Rewind to the period when Bawumia was seeking political office. He made a lot of negative statements about Mahama while campaigning, promising to improve Ghana and attract foreign laborers, but all of them have proven to be pure lies.

Together with Akufo Addo and Ken Ofori-Atta, they have ruined the country. The majority of people in the country, including the youth, are unemployed as of today. Bawumia let the people down by breaking all of his pledges, including the promise of providing toilets. Is he the type of individual who, as Akufo Addo stated, will turn Ghana into Dubai when he becomes president? As I've already stated, I love my country, Ghana, and, as such, I will not support any immorality that will ruin it.

The NPP is aware of their failure and, therefore, has the desire to use violence to achieve their goals because they believe that by holding Johh Mahama accountable, they will get support. Akufo Addo and Bryan Acheampong indicated their fear of heading to the opposition through their words, “We will never hand over power to the NDC.” Another voice has been added, Kusi Boafo, an NPP politician, incited violence just yesterday by declaring that "Bawumia must secure the NPP victory by any means."

The majority of Ghanaians have already rejected Bawumia as president, and as previously stated, the NPP needs to push him because they have no one, unfortunately, they are wasting their time. I've published a ton of articles about Bawumia; why should I waste more time explaining why he is unfit to be president? The worst thing he did was illegally collaborate with the Bank of Ghana governor to print fresh money three times without Parliament's approval, which further damaged the country's economy.

The same people, including writers, who sang "Four More Years for Nana" are using the same deception to market Bawumia, but if Ghanaians make the mistake of buying it, the nation will see a worse calamity than what they are witnessing today. This is a thorough political study; I am not a prophet; if I could have predicted what would happen under Akufo Addo's administration and it did, then you have to believe what I have said about Bawumia.