Whether The NPP Completes The Unfinished Projects Of The NDC Or Not, Ghanaians Must Vote Them Out

Feature Article Whether The NPP Completes The Unfinished Projects Of The NDC Or Not, Ghanaians Must Vote Them Out
FEB 16, 2024 LISTEN

Projects left unfinished by the previous government, the NDC, were abandoned to rot, despite being for the benefit of Ghanaians; the NPP government had no interest in seeing them through. Among others who protested against the NPP’s decision, I pleaded with Kojo Oppong Nkrumah, the former minister of information, to convince the president to change his mind and take over the projects, but that didn't work out, so why is the NPP now motivated to finish the projects?

After more than seven years in office, the Akufo Addo administration failed to listen to any Ghanaian to carry out the unfinished project of Mahama’s administration. The more Ghanaians demand that the rotting projects be rescued, the more NPP politicians and ignorant tribal bigots oppose them; so, why should the NPP suddenly decide that they are now in favor of finishing the projects after incurring huge debt with no accountability and engaging in widespread corruption with impunity?

The reason they want to take over Mahama's project is to get some credit because they have failed miserably as a government. What reasonable Ghanaian would allow such a thing to take place? For this reason, I must sincerely ask that any thoughtful Ghanaian who cares about the country's future and the future of the youth vote against the NPP. They want to force the incompetent Bawumia, who failed as vice president, on Ghanaians as president, but the majority of Ghanaians aren’t interested.

A psychological assessment is necessary for anyone who asserts that Bawumia or Akufo Addo is more intellectual than Mahama. Mahama is not as naive as Akufo Addo to destroy a hospital that serves the community when funds are insufficient to construct a new, contemporary facility. Imagine the pervasive corruption that has destroyed the country's economy, businesses, and investment. Ghanaians did not experience this under John Mahama, but nation wreckers will try to persuade them with pointless stories.

Thank God, the majority of Ghanaians are too wise to be fooled by the NPP. Honestly speaking, about 90% of Ghanaians are either not interested in Bawumia or the NPP but pretend they are unaware of what is going on around them. This is because the NPP politicians are pushing up articles about Bawumia becoming president, misleading Ghanaians into believing that the majority of the people support Bawumia. However, when the 2024 election comes around, they will know the truth.

The sudden reshuffle of cabinet members and the assumption of the NDC's unfinished projects spell disaster for the NPP government, and since power belongs to the people, a lesson learned from the Assin North election that continues to haunt the NPP party will be repeated in the upcoming presidential race.