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The Red Apples (part 116)

The Red Apples part 116
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The King of Somalia King Abdul Charif II opened the new session of the New African Union Assembly. All African heads of state were in attendance. Major new strategies to move Africa into the next one hundred years needed to be addressed. The plan was to copy the Vienna Dancing Congress of eighteen fifteen when Europe was reorganized after Napoleon‘s area. The times were long buried to talk about a few years ahead with no plan. They knew all visions need tools to see the light of the day and become reality for the people. Time is one of these important tools. And time needs a scaffolding structure to hold itself safe as it moves ahead. Politicians of the old democratic African jurisdictions never knew about it but praised their four-year term manifestos.

King Carl I, was asked by the president of the Assembly to step forward and address the Heads of States.

„Our Africa is for the world as it was at the beginning of man so it is now again. We sit on the throne of humanity after generations that this throne was vacant and only managed by historic bystanders of human history.

This brings me to the bottom of it all and the reason why we are here.

The center of humanity is man and man will it always be. Adam and Eva were sent out of the Garden of Eden but not the spirit they were blessed with while enjoying the land of milk and honey. A country with no evil and no good. A country only there to provide a paradise. The paradise to be alive. Our journey as man began when we saw Cain and Abel as brothers in the spirit of good, bad, evil, temptation, and death. Our journey was long to come to our time today. Full of regrets and full of love.

Paradise created our bodies and let us exist but our journey lets us take dominion over the earth as written in the scriptures. Our sin against God in Paradise was needed to fulfill his commandment that we should dominate the world. How better can we express it in the term Kingdom? Kingdom simply means a King takes dominion over the world near or far…King Dom for short. As we are all part of the human race we are Kings by definition. To take Dom dominion we must look into the human being first and understand it well to set the stage on which some of us can take the torch of dominion.

For mankind to move forward we need a completely different set of people. While living in caves with no moral or societal structure we did as we wanted and as it was needed under the given circumstances. As we moved to the next phase of human history we set rules and regulations and values to determine and guide us. The church dominated our lives to moral standards. The more we develop into money and riches we raised the idea of equality and social care. Our thinking and actions were directed toward the circumstances we live in and the complaints based on them we can not be held responsible for not having achieved in life what we by our creation were mandated to accomplish. The next level of mankind can only be achieved when we understand and apprecreate that we were born for a reason and that this reason means regardless of our circumstances we at all stages of our personal and societal life are responsible for the steps we take or we do not take.

No blame game is allowed anymore that makes us feel comfortable but pushes us away from our assignment. We herein Africa let me proclaim it loud and clear understand the trumpets guiding us on our way into a better tomorrow for us to take dominion of the world for much longer. The principles of Dominion are clear practicing them is the key to success.

Let me touch briefly on some other principles of history many of us don’t understand. The history of mankind is a time and events on the move. Not only in the past but constantly. Countries change their faces, borders shift, and new civilizations are created that form new political systems. Nothing stays the same. In the past, we have seen the Kurds in Turkey and Syria, the Sihks in India, the Catalanes in Spain, the people from Biafra, and the Scottish in the UK to name a few.

As a cultural community, they were looking for a llife of cultural identity. Fundamental changes never occur by smoking the peace pipe but are always violent in many different ways. To discuss at a conference table fundamental changes is a great concept but when the foundations are shaken to create something completely new then the give me something and I give you something in return politics never work. We have seen over the past one hundred years not only here in Africa fundamental changes but have learned to embrace them. Visions might be different but changes are not different but essential. As much as we want to avoid tears and sorrows in our mother‘s hearts some generations will have to dry their mothers‘ tears while others can bless the years of peace and stability.

While the medieval age was determined by the darkness of the independent mind the process of industrialization brought in its process the social state and sharing of profit made in society. Our African third way is a demonstration that responsibility for the personal mandate given comes with a focus on the welfare of the society as a whole. The spirit on which wings this new approach flies over time and challenges make us rightfully sit on our throne.

Let me wish us all during the course of our General Assembly in small groups productive and creative discussions. As for now, I wish you a successful time ahead. Thank you!“