Online Safety Advocate educates WhatsApp users to add more security features to their accounts

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FEB 13, 2024 LISTEN

Renowned online safety advocate Rotimi Onadipe is urging WhatsApp Messenger App users to bolster their account security in light of escalating cyber threats.

Following Safer Internet Day 2024 last week, where Onadipe emphasized the importance of internet safety, particularly for youth, he underscored the necessity of proactive measures to safeguard personal and business data from malicious actors.

Speaking during an online safety awareness meeting organized by his organization, Internet Safety Magazine (ISM), Onadipe expressed concern over the widespread lack of awareness regarding Two-Step verification among WhatsApp users. He highlighted the alarming frequency of hacked accounts and the subsequent theft of sensitive information and finances by cybercriminals exploiting vulnerabilities.

Onadipe emphasized the urgency for WhatsApp users to immediately implement Two-Step verification to fortify their accounts against unauthorized access. Stressing that neglecting this crucial security measure exposes users to significant risks, he urged swift action to mitigate the threat posed by cybercrime.

In emphasizing the collective responsibility in combating cyber threats, Onadipe cautioned against complacency, noting that relying solely on passwords is insufficient in today's digital landscape. He urged users to leverage additional security features to bolster their defense against cyberattacks, emphasizing the potential consequences for both individuals and their contacts in the event of a security breach.

"This is one of the major reasons why thousands of accounts are being hacked while sensitive, personal information and hard-earned money of unsuspecting victims are also being stolen almost every day by cyber criminals that took advantage of vulnerable accounts.

"My advice to WhatsApp users that have not set up 2-Step verification on their accounts is to do so immediately because failure to do so will give cyber criminals easy access to their accounts. Setting up 2-Step verification on WhatsApp is easy and it can be done in just few minutes.

"Cybercrime prevention is our collective responsibility. If you or someone you know has not set it up, make sure it is done immediately because once an account without a 2-Step verification is hacked, the chance of getting it back is very slim. Moreover, the people on the victim's contact list are also at risk of being defrauded.

"Be informed that cyber criminals are desperately searching for vulnerable accounts and your password alone is not enough to protect your account from being compromised. You need to add more security features in order to reduce your vulnerability to cyber attacks," he stated.