N/R: 60-year-old man shot dead at Jilo

Social News NR: 60-year-old man shot dead at Jilo
FEB 13, 2024 LISTEN

A 60-year-old man, a nomad, has been shot dead at Jilo, a community in the Nanumba North municipality of the Northern Region, by unidentified gunmen while returning from the mosque.

The son, who was accompanying his father from the mosque, reported that two men confronted them with guns.

He said they shone a torchlight into the father’s eyes, greeted him in the Fulani language, and then shot him in the stomach and shoulder.

After the father fell, the gunmen departed. The son, Yakubu Sulemana, identified the gunmen as nomads.

The police have transported the body to the hospital morgue.

Meanwhile, another individual, who was also returning from the mosque, was hit by a bullet in the elbow.