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The Red Apples (part 114)

The Red Apples part 114
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The Red Apples (part 114)
After a while of rest, Caren Odhiambo said with closed eyebrows:“ Life is a mystery.“

„Two days ago I went out for a walk. Heavy rains during the past week had overflooded the area where I wanted to walk through to exercise and clear my mind. The grass along the way was still soaking wet. I had to ease myself and saw bushes on the other side of the tiny river so I crossed the bridge and looked for a place behind bushes and under trees to ease myself. Away from the naked eyes of bystanders, I found a spot to lower my panties.

While I took my time to end my business I discovered under two trees of wet brown and broken foam, a plastic bowl, plastic knives, and forks, cans of baked beans, and three open wet sleeping bags two under one tree close to each other, one single under the second tree, and a bit further away one step from my path under a bush I discovered another single sleeping bag. They were all in military green or brownish. I took my time to think and stayed in that place for longer than I had to.

The picture of ancient Diogenes in his barrel jumped before my eyes behind which I looked at the abandoned sleeping bags. Like a multi-color kaleidoscope the layers of Diogenes in front of my eyes closer to my thinking and in the visible, the reality around me confused my mind. Diogenes alone in his barrel thinking about life day and night not working not mingling with society…just a lonely…a single person with no burden of responsibility…just there living and thinking alone about life.

And in front of him, three persons had slept three presumably as a group out in the cold and when the rain hit them they had abandoned their small processions their sleeping bags and forks, and knives. We have a very good social system no need for anyone to live like that. I saw myself at home with my friends and family and my dreams of a better future…the hard work I put into it always. Like these four men, we all will die one day. Our free will can not save us from our end.“

„Sure…our end is certain,“ agreed her father feeling the cold of the night sneaking into his house. He looked at the ceiling but there was nothing to discover except the silver lamp highlighting the scenery. The light was not from God. „You see…all the material things around us even our clothes we do in principle not need. When we have food and water and shelter from a tree…we are fine. We could live like that until we die.

But the moment we sinned our sins in the Garden of Eden turned us into material-thinking human beings…no turning back! It is true in our most inner selves we still run the race for forgiveness. God in his New Testament forgave us our sins. And truly…he does as long as we forgive our trespassers…that in the midst of our life on earth as the collective creation of God, we all support us with and in the spirit of forgiveness. Even without sending his son Jesus Christ to us he being God could have forgiven Adam and Eva for what they had done. In that case, one thing would have never happened and that is development.“

„I agree with the positive side of development but not the negative effects,“ said Caren Odhiambo with a clear voice. She looked around but no more crisps in the house. She took to plantain chips.

„Positive development is never possible without negative development. How would you otherwise be able to see the positive side of life when the opposite is not there and in it?“ challenged Oliver Odhianbo his daughter.

„Oh, Dad, I don’t want to argue with you at this late hour,“ defended Caren Odhiambo herself and put on a big smile on her face.

„As we in our most inner circle as individuals and a collective body of the most High ran constantly the race for forgiveness wanting to live again in the Garden of Eden to live a life without having to make any decision or take any responsibility…just be there at the very moment and live it…this sin God can not take away from us ever. Why? Our story would end right at that very moment. Nature would of course still dominate the world but humans would not. I guess that is why God can never forgive us this particular and most important sin…even as he could.“

„The consequences are?“ was Caren Odhiambo tired of thinking about it by herself. She was covered by two thin blankets.

Oliver Odhiambo walked over to her to cover her better so she could sleep better on the couch her favorite place for the night in her father‘s house and said: „As we run the hamster in the wheel race for the forgiveness of our most high sin we can only develop as the human race when we can forgive each other while at the same time, this process creates and shapes our empire of values which lets us determine our materialistic world which by and through itself makes progress possible in the first place.

When you understand this simple, simple truth you will understand why there is nothing new on Earth and why we live our lives from the end to our beginning. But my love…now it is time for you to sleep. Tomorrow…next time…we talk more. Good night…and have peaceful dreams.“