An Open Letter To Kofi Bentil: Is That The Bawumia You Want Ghanaians To Give Him The Opportunity To Become President?

Feature Article An Open Letter To Kofi Bentil: Is That The Bawumia You Want Ghanaians To Give Him The Opportunity To Become President?
FEB 10, 2024 LISTEN

A few days ago, Mr. Kofi Bentil, the vice president of IMANI Africa, made a heartfelt plea to the people of Ghana, urging them to grant Bawumia the same opportunity to become president as they did to John Mahama, a former vice president. Apart from the adversaries of John Mahama and the corrupt and incompetent NPP politicians, the majority of Ghanaians took to social media to voice their displeasure over Mr. Bentil's statement because it didn’t make sense to them about his stupid request.

Like the angry Ghanaians, I posted a comment outlining the reasons Bawumia doesn’t deserve the opportunity to lead the nation. Apart from the fact that the NPP engaged in widespread corruption with impunity, which caused the economy, businesses, and investments across the nation to collapse, there are several financial crimes that Ghanaians are unaware of. For this reason, every attempt is being made to elect the vice president who has wrecked the economy to be president.

I would like to know if Mr. Bentil's father owns a farm and suppose the farm starts to burn and one of the workers decides to put it out using gasoline rather than water, would his father allow him to assume responsibility for the day-to-day operations and financial matters of the farm? Since Mahamudu Bawumia is an economist and should have known better, Mr. Bentil should have understood that when an economy is fragile, rigorous steps must be taken to prevent it from getting worse.

The depreciation of currency and the economy occurs when a government prints more money than the expansion of actual output; this often leads to inflation. Bawumia carried out this action three times without the consent of Parliament. Consequently, I regret to inform Ghanaians that Mr. Kofi Bentil does not care about the vice president's financial crimes or the plight of the vulnerable if he were to publicly urge Ghanaians to grant Bawumia a fair opportunity at the presidency.

Ghana has become the most corrupt nation under the NPP government to the extent that everyone sees you as an enemy if you want to disassociate from underworld activities. One will be rich immediately if one joins Akufo Addo’s government, either by supporting or promoting their immoralities. I will not; I prefer to be hated than to live a luxurious life of corruption. The evil seeds the NPP politicians are planting today out of greed will germinate to choke their children and grandchildren to death.

I wonder if Kofi Bentil read Bawumia's speech before it was delivered to the country because nothing the vice president said made sense since he had no better policies or agenda to offer Ghanaians. Kofi Bentil cares about Bawumia and wants Ghanaians to give this incompetent comedian the chance to be president. Bawumia talks about digitization, yet despite the benefits of contemporary technology, there are no jobs in the nation after wasting seven years in office without giving people jobs.

Does Bawumia's pledge to eliminate the E-Levy make sense to you, Kofi Bentil, as the next president? What purpose does it serve to assure the public that the E-Levy will be canceled? After all, the NPP, not the opposition NDC, was the one that carried the implementation of the levy. The fact that the NPP politicians gave Bawuma a standing ovation as soon as he announced the cancellation made me sick because it validated Ken Agyapong's claim that "all NPP politicians are fools; no one is intelligent."

What does Ghana, a developing country, have to do with Bawumia's talk of a "cashless economy"? Bawumia is now telling Ghanaians that if he becomes president, he will create a cashless economy, following such widespread corruption involving him, Ken Ofori-Atta, and Akufo Addo, whereby any NPP politician could steal one million dollars and keep it at home with impunity. Similar to how Akufo Addo began his presidential campaign by assuring Ghanaians that he was not corrupt, Bawumia is doing the same.


This is a remark made by Bawumia in 2020 in opposition to the National Democratic Party (NDC), which has since come back to haunt him. Mr. Bentil urges Ghanaians to embrace this kind of individual as president.

I feel sorry for Ghanaians who are subjected to unfair, degrading treatment and disrespect from politicians like Akufo Addo, Ken Ofori-Atta, Kofi Bentil, and Mahamudu Bawumia. These politicians think that Ghanaians are uneducated, therefore above the law, and can do anything they want. It's not an exaggeration to say that NPP politicians view Ghanaians as idiots; otherwise, how can Ken Ofori-Atta continue to hold onto his position as finance minister in defiance of the people's demands to resign?

I warned Ghanaians what this country would become when Akufo Addo was elected president, since I had already noticed that he had no positive objectives for the position. Now that the seven years of Akufo Addo's servitude have been wasted, Ghanaians can understand what I have been telling them for the entire time, even though many disagree with me. The president now promises the people of Ghana that Bawumia will continue from where he left off, but the truth is that it will not happen.

I will fervently urge Jean Mensa to do the right thing in light of the tragedies that have befallen our country, which have resulted in the worst living conditions in a country endowed with precious resources like gold, diamonds, and oil. She declined to testify in court to give Ghanaians an explanation of how the 2020 presidential election outcomes came to be. That was then and gone, but 2024 is a critical year if she makes the same error. This is where I have to stop because, as they say, "in a court of law, what one says can be used against you."

Kofi Bentil, Ghana, has reached a dangerous point where nobody can predict what will happen tomorrow or how the country's economy will recover. "Four More Years for Nana" has irreparably damaged Ghana; therefore, the most sensible Ghanaians will not allow a comedian and a fake economist to further devastate our dear nation, Ghana. Bawumia is a conman and a shameless liar who couldn't provide the common toilets he promised Ghanaians as vice president, let alone to become president.