Daring The Loudmouth (1)

Editorial Daring The Loudmouth 1
FEB 6, 2024 LISTEN

Every country requires leaders to steer the affairs of the state. In a democracy, this is done by the political party in whom the majority of the people have deposed their trust.

Therefore in periods like this, especially during the run-up to the general election, all kinds of characters masquerade as the saviours of the people. Some of these loud-mouthed people have nothing to show as achievements at the personal level not to talk about the national scene.

Today we are 'blessed' with some politicians, particularly in the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) who have never worked before assuming ministerial positions. One of them was appointed a minister to superintend professors who a few years earlier, taught him in the university.

We ask Ghanaians to recollect what Sammy Gyamfi, the haughty Communications Officer of the NDC told military and police chiefs during the run-up to the 2020 general election.

Very few people berated Sammy Gyamfi for such irresponsible statement. Even the then flagbearer, and flagbearer now, John Mahama kept a loud silence because perhaps he asked him to do so.

Sammy Gyamfi do you remember this?: “Notice is hereby served to all unscrupulous security officials who have lent themselves to the despotic Akufo-Addo government as plaintiffs/agents of violence against innocent citizens, that the next NDC government will fish them out and deal with them mercilessly when power eventually shifts.”

Sammy Gyamfi speaks as if Ghana is under his feet. Such arrogant and haughty characters want power again, and only God knows how they would treat Ghanaians.

The NDC communicator, we are told, is a lawyer, but we wonder whether he understands the nuances, otherwise he would not be speaking by heart.

We hope Sammy Gyamfi appreciates it when lawyers describe comments like his as 'brutum fulmen', to wit, an empty threat.

He has in the past issued many threats including his latest and unprovoked attack on an internationally acclaimed person like Kofi Bentil.

John Mahama’s credentials in communications have never been in doubt but the people who speak on his behalf have never been measured in their engagement with the people.

Sometimes some people wonder whether the law Sammy Gyamfi studied has been of benefit to the NDC judging from the party’s failure most of the time in court.

Now NDC’s communicator wants to venture into unchartered territory believing it is part of the fake news and lies he has gained notoriety for in the public space.

If Sammy Gyamfi has now become the economic brain of the NDC but not Ato Forson, whose tutorials with his linguistics doctor is ongoing, then the hour is now to arrange an economic debate between Vice President Bawumia and the haughty and garrulous Sammy Gyamfi.

Source: Daily Guide