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Burkina: authorities receive wheat from Russia

By Amos Traore || Contributor
Burkina: authorities receive wheat from Russia

In July 2023, the Russia-Africa Summit took place in St Petersburg with the presence of numerous african presidents. During this summit, Russian President Vladimir Putin expressed his intention to establish mechanisms to strengthen cooperation between Russia and Africa. The Kremlin leader then announced his intention to deliver wheat stocks to several African countries, including Burkina Faso. Since coming to power, Captain Ibrahim Traore has activated the necessary measures to foster closer ties with Moscow. For one of his rare trips abroad, Captain Ibrahim Traore attended the Russia-Africa Summit in St. Petersburg.

On Friday, January 26, the Burkinabe authorities received the wheat promised by Vladimir Putin. It is a donation of 25,000 tons that will enable Burkina Faso to address pressing challenges at the moment. Indeed, since 2016, the country of the Honest Men has been facing a serious security crisis that has led to a massive displacement of the population. Burkina has mobilized significant resources to support these people who have lost everything. Russia's donation will help alleviate, to some extent, the plight of these internally displaced persons.

The minister in charge of social action stated that this wheat donation is a gesture of solidarity and friendship from Russia. She added that Burkina needs the support of all its partners to cope with the humanitarian consequences of the security crisis. The wheat donation ceremony took place in the presence of Alexey Saltykov, the Russian ambassador to Burkina Faso. Mr Saltykov indicated that Russia will spare no effort to help Burkina Faso achieve its goals in terms of security, food, agriculture, and technology.

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