Mon, 18 Dec 2023 Feature Article

Why blame politicians, pastors, and traditional overlords for the problems in Ghana but not the ordinary persons?

Why blame politicians, pastors, and traditional overlords for the problems in Ghana but not the ordinary persons?

Many a time has it been boldly said that all Ghanaians, irrespective of their social standing in the country, are to be held responsible, and blameable, for the chronic perpetuation of crimes, corruption, lawlessness, and injustices as are ongoing in the country.

Yes, to a limited extent, I believe that almost every individual in the country is guilty of the never-ending corrupt practices ongoing in the country, the bane of the socio-economic emancipation of our dear motherland, Ghana.

Nonetheless, I shall forever hold the nation’s politicians, pastors, and traditional leaders culpable and responsible for all the societal ills impacting the economy, making Ghanaians look irresponsible, fools, and Ghana a shithole country in the eyes of our contemporary intelligent white people.

Why are the mentioned leaders almost solely blameable for the numerous problems Ghana is engulfed in, one may ask?

The politicians as leaders of the country are not offering any quality, honest and fair leadership. They make the rules and break the rules as and when it suits them.

Are they not the very people initiating or perpetrating acts of corruption in the country? Are they not enriching themselves illegally, dipping their dirty long hands into the coffers of the nation to enrich themselves?

Are the politicians not the very those encouraging acts of “whom you know” in awarding contracts and employment to their families, cronies, agents, and assigns? Are they not the very people that rally in support of their political party members when they breach the laws and are on prosecution?

Why then should they not be blamed if the laws are not working, permitting any Tom, Dick, and Harry in the country to cultivate a love of committing crimes with impunity?

The pastors are in their own little or great ways causing harm to the nation and the people. They are for what they stand to selfishly gain, encouraging their church members to attend church services almost every day and at any time of the day throughout the week. Are they not exploiting the people, feeding them with lies, collecting money from them through their false prophecies and staged healing powers?

How can Ghana make any headway in the economy if her children spend more time attending church services praying for miracles of prosperity to happen in their lives, if they don’t seek to work or work harder?

Are the pastors by their interpretations of the bible verses not putting fear in their congregations, letting them believe that by remaining poor on earth in the name of Jesus Christ the Saviour, they will enter heaven to enjoy everlasting life?

They preach this nonsense to their church members while they, the pastors, amass material wealth and joyfully live in opulence while the church members live in abject penury.

Are some of these pastors and false prophets not alleged to kill people for ritual/occultic sacrifices to help their churches grow and themselves acquire power and riches? Why shouldn’t we blame these scumbags, fraudsters, and wicked opportunists for the problems facing the country?

What about our currently mostly disgusting traditional leaders? Is it not obvious and on record how they are selling off all the land under their jurisdiction and pocketing the money for their selfish personal use? Is it not a fact how some of these chiefs do sell the same piece of land (plot) to about two to four persons seeking land to buy?

Is it not these same irresponsible chiefs that are allowing for the destruction of the nation’s water bodies, arable/fertile farmlands and forests by leasing the lands to illegal small scale and alluvial miners in what is galamsey?

Are some of these chiefs not reaping from where they have not sown to cause unnecessary tensions among people? Are these chiefs not liars and claim authority over things of which the laws do not grant them the right?

Why would I for the past take Asantehene Otumfuo Osei Tutu II on if it was not for his abuses of power as published in my previous articles? How could he claim to own the entire Ashanti region land with chiefs occupying portions only doing so as caretakers to the land on his behalf?

It had to take the no-nonsense, proud, and fearless son of Kumawu/Asiampa soil, Rockson Adofo, to challenge him to come again, knowing that Ashanti land like those of other regions, belongs to the government, families, and traditional chiefs in what is stool land.

Is it not corruption for a so-called Ashanti overlord to force candidates on Kumawu and Essumeja as their paramount chiefs whereas he has not that traditional right? Is such not an act of illegality that calls for strong condemnation?

I will write a book should I decide to mention all the evils the politicians, pastors and traditional leaders are continuously doing to prove that they are the very people ruining the nation other than the ordinary people in the streets.

Did it not take only one person, Lee Kuan Yew, the Prime Minister, “to transform Singapore from small town into global financial hub"?

“Lee Kuan Yew (16 September 1923–23 March 2015), the founder of modern Singapore, was a brilliant statesman and highly-regarded visionary who transformed the island into a formidable nation and economic powerhouse”.

It does not take two or more people to transform a poor nation into a prosperous nation. One visionary leader who is fair, firm, and honest to ensure the laws of the country are strictly enforced, can transform a nation. If a single leader, Lee Kuan Yew, could do it for Singapore, why can’t it be done in Ghana?

Therefore, much as almost all the ordinary Ghanaians in the street in their own little ways helping to bring Ghana down, I blame the politicians, pastors, and traditional leaders for living a life of emptiness, corruption, lies and greed when it comes to effective transformational leadership.

Our presidents have failed the nation. This is indisputable fact! There is lack of law enforcement in the nation. It only takes stringent enforcement of the laws to bring about prosperity to a country! Here is where our successive presidents have failed us.

I will in any day any time blame our leaders for the deplorable state Ghana finds herself in.

Kennedy Agyapong fits the character of Lee Kuan Yew, but the NPP delegates coupled with the practice of tribal politics and how politically unsavvy many a Ghanaian is, have denied us his able leadership.

I totally disagree with anyone that will blame all Ghanaians for the underdevelopment of the nation, or all the malpractices going on. No, it is the leadership that must be blamed. If they had stopped their nonsenses as you and I are aware of, and did Lee Kuan Yew, the country could have witnessed prevalence of justice, peace, obedience of the law and finally, marked development.

Look how corrupt the lawyers and judges are. Are they not in leadership positions to ensure that laws are obeyed for the collective benefit of Ghanaians and the country? Why do they often deny the poor justice by selling justice to the highest bidder? I can’t get it.

Watch the underlying video to see how Singapore came to be developed with the laws working, thanks to only one person, their leader, Lee Kuan Yew.

If obedience of the laws is enforced, Ghana can be transformed prosperously within a twinkle of an eye. We only need a visionary, honest, fair, and firm leader to be at the helm of the nation’s affairs. That is all.

Should Kennedy Agyapong (Hon.) become the president of Ghana soon as I hope for, Ghana will change for the better. He believes in the very principles that it takes to make a nation prosperous.