Kennedy Agyapong must be appointed Dr Bawumia’s running mate but on certain agreed terms

Feature Article Kennedy Agyapong must be appointed Dr Bawumias running mate but on certain agreed terms

The NPP are surely panicking and are diarrhoeic, the culmination of the fear of losing general election 2024 staring them in the face.

If the Lord’s favourable miracle does not become their portion from now until December 7, 2024, the NPP must count themselves out of government. This fate in the life of NPP is certain unless the merciful God the Father shines His gracious face upon them.

As God always shows his mercies upon people using other people as conveyance, He may show his mercy upon NPP using the rejected stone, thus, Kennedy Agyapong (Hon.).

Without the alleged sin-awash Kennedy throwing his weight behind NPP in their campaign to “break the 8” which presently is a mirage in all sincerity, the NPP is bound to go into opposition.

The very person the NPP themselves threatened with publicising his ignominious ten sins on intent to ruin his political career for life, is on course to become the biblical parabolic stone that the builder rejected but ended up becoming the cornerstone.

Without Kennedy’s input, the NPP will vanish into the thin air similarly as the morning dew dissipates with the rising sun, come election 2024.

Kennedy’s followers, supporters, and sympathisers will not settle for any position less than the vice-presidential candidate, thus, the running mate to Dr Alhaji Mahamudu Bawumia, going into election 2024.

Additionally, he should be a running mate with certain specified and agreed functions or else, Kennedy must turn the post down should it be offered to him.

As Dr Bawumia was given limitless power to run the economy, initiate, introduce or implement some policies that he sees to be relevant for running Ghana in the best interests of the people and the country, so should the running mate position to Kennedy become, if at all he will be offered that post and he will accept it.

Kennedy being an honest person, visionary and farsighted, fair, firm and the hater of lawlessness but believer in discipline, he must be permitted to exercise the functions that will bring about the materialisation of his positive dreams for Ghana. Anything short of absolute permission to perform such functions should not be settled for by Kennedy or else, he ruins his political career and aspirations to become the president of Ghana for good.

In the absence of a vice president position with the vast functions as stated above, Kennedy should not associate himself with NPP to continue to have a Ghana slipping down the socio-economic slope into the bottomless abyss where there is always poverty, lawlessness, committing of crimes with impunity and perpetration and perpetuation of official corruption.

Kennedy had better consult with his political strategists and managers, if he has any, to discuss his political career in respect of becoming the president of Ghana one day, to serve his country and people but not to be served.

He must be in a dilemma now because any single wrong step taken, will cast cumulus nimbus cloud over his presidential aspirations forever.

He had better do Emmanuel Macron, the French president than to settle for less within the NPP.

He who comes across this publication should please draw Kennedy’s attention to it.

Should NPP win election 2024 with Kennedy as vice president without powers to do anything as it was the case of Vice President Paa Kwesi Arthur-Amissah under former President John Dramani Mahama of NDC, his presidential ambition and the love Ghanaians have for him will have been buried in iron-wrought concrete grave forever.

I have given him a clue to what awaits him and how he should react.

A word to the wise is enough.
Rockson Adofo