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The Red Apples (part 18)

The Red Apples part 18
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The Red Apples (part 18)
"Yes, my King, let the world know! I am loving it," was Joshua Odhiambo so excited no longer able to sit still on the sofa. He was invited by good friends to spend the night before the next morning having to continue his lecture tour to Dallas in Texas. "Now...let's give it to them. We bring them our new revised African values without the ignorance of the white man." His phone rang again. He answered it and told Victoria Sloan to call her back in one hour.

"Public servants in any society are needed but our assumption of man is any of us is talented for multiple things and not only one profession. To be a civil servant and arrest people for thirty or forty years or give out passports and receive tax to us does not make sense. Ten years of public service, ten years in a private company to learn, and ten years or better longer creating jobs for others. Public servants don't create jobs and therefore no added value for others. Only the creative mind of a human being does."

"If I get you right, Your Majesty, you are saying, you recalibrated the image of humans and the expectations we all must have from our existence on earth to a self-reliance-driven individual that is capable under any circumstances of adding the creative and personal value of to his life and society at large?" asked Michal Jackson being signaled in three minutes the program would get off air.

"As our time has come to a a nutshell...this is what you can say," smiled King Carl I, very pleased with the interview and ready to retire for the day.

Joshua Jackson was no more to be held to sit on the couch. Like in a boxing ring he jumped up and down with a loud noise of joy. He gripped the phone to call Victoria Sloan. Full of excitement and happiness he said: "Darling, I love you so much. Soon you need to see the original...the true humanity and not the copy of it."

Victoria Sloan was happy for her boyfriend soon to be her fiance having to calm him a bit down: "I remember the words you told me at the start of our relationship. You see America is a failed society. Escaping the oppression in Europe the first settlers took the land from the native Indians, killed their livelihood, and used cheap labor in the form of African slaves to set up the economy never giving them true equal rights but proclaiming having to defend American values, which are never American but European values by origin, and stage the roleplay of a world police. We used methods that were used against us and why we came here in the first place against the indigenous people of this land."

"The settlers set up values they in the end violated...simple as that," hated Joshua Odhiambo stressful conversations over the telephone. His personality was more convincing in a face-to-face debate.

"I love you anyway even," started Victoria Sloan her teasing attack something of which she knew he hated the most," but you people think just because you are more powerful than us you are the best people on earth."

"Not the Darling," was he well prepared to counterstrike," the chosen ones. Say simply after me..." He laughed hearing she would definitely not follow his instruction. "It is not that difficult at all...the chosen people from start to finish."

She hung up only to call a few minutes later: "I love my mad African sweet macho!"

"Machos in Ghana are gone a long time ago. Wurms have chopped them very well," said Joshua Odhiambo and silence was the master of the situation.